Western Union digital trading platform expands

July 19, AtoZForex – The Western Union (WU) Business Solutions, a part of The Western Union Company, which is an American financial services and communications company, today announced the improved capabilities to its WU EDGE, as the Western Union digital trading platform expands.

What is a WU EDGE and what are new features?

The EDGE stands for Enterprise Digital Global Exchange and it is the latest technological innovation presented by WU Business Solutions. WU EDGE is a digital trading platform, which helps buyers and sellers to connect and presents to them the powerful transaction capabilities, cash management tools, and expert support.

Initially, the WU EDGE was covering only six key markets: the UK, US, Canada, Australia New Zealand and Singapore. Just today, WU announced the expansion to the WU EDGE platform, including the improvement of platform’s fee-free network and availability in 7 new regions: Hong Kong, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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Apparently, the new improved fee-free network feature will be spread out to 51 currencies across 13 countries. Additionally, the speed of cross-border payments will increase, allowing transfers of funds from buyers to sellers on the WU EDGE platform to be implemented in just some minutes. The President of WU Business Solutions, Kerry Agiasotis, commented:

“Buying and selling overseas has never been easier, it’s now possible to make an international business payment in minutes. Since the launch of the WU EDGE platform businesses across the world have used the platform to support their aspirations to grow, invest and deliver the jobs of the future. We are very proud of today’s announcement, we view ourselves as business partners to our SME customers.”

How WU EDGE platform’s new features help businesses?

As the Western Union digital trading platform expands, companies in 13 markets are presented with the opportunity to:

-Connect buyers and sellers, as the WU EDGE platform connects Accounts payable (AP) and Accounts receivable (AR) with Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP). This way the buyers and sellers are aligned via a single global digital platform.

-Empower insights and analysis, as the WU EDGE digital platform presents the actionable insights to help businesses direct foreign exchange risks and opportunities resulting from the international payments.

-Improve confidence in cross-border transactions, as the WU EDGE platform provides SMEs with the confidence to conduct business on a global scale.

Mr. Agiasotis believes that the revolution of the WU EDGE is just at its starting point, saying that “We want to connect buyers and sellers all over the world. And connect them on a single B2B platform that powers real-time connections and payments across the globe.”

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