Vitalik Buterin says Ethereum 2.0 is NOT Delayed

April 15, 2019 | AtoZ Markets - Vitalik Buterin has one more time been in the headlines recently, defending the project of Ethereum, that has seemingly taken some blame and criticism by the community.

“Ethereum 2.0 is NOT Delayed”, came Buterin’s response to a post on the social media platform, Reddit, by a user who expressed his dissatisfaction about the project recently.

Butterin explained that the project has fulfilled its tasks and developing it was not delayed one single day, in spite of the criticism.

“The team” is larger and broader than you think. While I get frustrated with the antics of the “chattering classes” myself, it’s important to keep in mind that Prysmatic, lighthouse, the eth2 research team, etc are all continuing work right on schedule, and the recent governance noises, while loud and annoying, did not delay the progress of eth2 by even a single day. State channel and Plasma and ZK rollup devs are similarly steadily moving forward, as are the 1.x rent proposals. The existing 1.0 clients are being tirelessly upgraded to better handle the load of the current chain, with a huge victory a few months ago in dropping uncle rates as well as constant improvements in block propagation. When you’re making a bet on the ethereum ecosystem, it’s those silent armies you are betting on.”, Buterin was quoted saying on Ethereumworldnews. com


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Only 0.9% of all ETH in Buterin’s account!

Not far from today, Buterin was said to have donated about 3000 ETH tokens (worth about $ 972,000 at the time) to three separate startups working on the Ethereum ecosystem.

Each of Prysmatic Labs, Sigma Prime, and ChainSafe Systems received about 1000 ETH as a “contribution to the push the development of Ethereum 2.0.”

The event was followed later by a controversial news, that unveiled Buterin’s ETH holdings in the recent series of conversations with the American economist and a professor at the New York University Stern School of Business, Nouriel Roubini, on Twitter.

“I never personally held more than ~0.9% of all ETH, and my net worth never came close to $1b. Also, I'm pretty sure there are no criminal laws against pre-mining.”, said Buterin at the time, sharing a link to his Ethereum address, which showed that he owned about 365K ETH which were worth more than $71 million.

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