Vitalik Buterin Is Not Leaving Ethereum Platform

An article published last Thursday shocked the crypto community with the headline suggesting that Vitalik Buterin was going to leave the Ethereum project. How has the co-founder responded?

November 5, 2018 | AtoZ Markets – Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, has shared his thoughts on how his technology can only be truly decentralized at the annual Ethereum Devcon4 conference.

In an interesting interview between Buterin and the MIT Technology Review at the conference, the young innovator said that he feels the time is right for him to take the back seat from the role of leadership in the community. The 24 years old added that Ethereum can truly be decentralized only if it stops depending on him.

Vitalik Buterin Debunks Rumors About Leaving Ethereum Project

Shortly after the interview, MIT Technology Review published a popular news with the headline “Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin says his creation can’t succeed unless he takes a step back.” The article created quite a stir in the market last week, as many news sources reported that the Buterin was going to dump the Ethereum project soon.

After reading the news, Tone Vays, a Bitcoin price analyst accused Buterin of “getting ready to pull a Dan Larimer”. Vays added that Bitcoin does not compete with “nonsense platforms such as Ethereum and EOS”. However, Buterin was quick to respond stressing that he is not leaving Ethereum. He tweeted:

1. I am not leaving. No plans to stop or reduce blog posts / ethresearch posts / github commits.

2. Vitalik is “in charge”: ETH is centralized! Vitalik is not “in charge”: Vitalik is pulling a Dan Larimer! This is why BTC maximalists have zero credibility.

The analyst followed-up from there by asking Buterin if he is suggesting the headline and sub headlines in the article were inaccurate. Buterin replied by giving a bit more information:

Actually, the subheadline is fine. Ethereum stops depending on me is the correct emphasis. But very far away from me leaving.

This, however, is not the first time that Buterin has spoken about detaching himself from the Ethereum project. Last month, he indicated that detaching from the platform was “already in progress.” The co-founder, at that time, gave the assurance that his detachment would not impact the network. He asserted:

“I think Ethereum can absolutely survive me spontaneously combusting tomorrow at this point.”

Ethereum Developers Struggling to Overcome Technical Obstacles

Moreover, this development in the Ethereum community is coming at a time where its technical developers are experiencing challenges in making ETH available for long-term adoption. For the developers, the current pressing issue is the need to switch away from Proof of Work to the algorithm called Proof of stake.

Buterin has been spearheading this Ethereum project with the objective to accomplish this task as soon as possible. This improvement is meant to be featured in the next installation of the blockchain, deemed Ethereum 2.0, the specifications for which Buterin has been instrumental in writing and finalizing.

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