VeChain Launches Blockchain Based COVID-19 Tests Record App

Blockchain tracking platform, VeChain has launched the COVID-19 recording app named E-HCert in collaboration with digital healthcare solution firm I-Dante. The app is based on VeChain’s blockchain and will be used at the Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus.

22 June, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – VeChain is a blockchain platform that provides secure data exchange and management. For healthcare professionals, one of the challenges in responding to the new coronavirus outbreak is the need to quickly exchange medical data while maintaining data security. VeChain and digital healthcare solutions company I-DANTE has launched the blockchain medical data management app called E-HCert that solves these COVID-19 challenges.

The E-HCert app has now gone live. It provides an archiving solution for RT-PCR (real-time polymerase chain reaction) and antibody test records for COVID-19. The company said E-HCert could reduce the cost of storing and sharing data.

Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus Adopts E-HCert App

The Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus has currently adopted the app. The blockchain will provide medical and laboratory records of Cyprus citizens visiting Covid-19 labs in hospitals for real-time antibody tests and other diagnoses. The data is encrypted, hashed and stored on the blockchain platform “VeChainThor”. The test results are also accessible from the E-HCert app. When a patient undergoes a COVID-19 test, the test results will automatically upload to the E-HCert app.

Patients can decide when and how to share test results. However, Cyprus citizens may use the E-HCert app, such as when returning to Cyprus from abroad. Alternatively, when the patient returns to work or to get approval for other types of activities that require proof of testing. VeChain stated:

“When a Cyprus citizen goes to the COVID-19 laboratory of the hospital and undergoes RT-PCR and antibodies tests, the testing and medical record will encrypt and upload onto the VeChainThor Blockchain. And then immutably recorded results then show in the E-HCert Native App.”

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