2016 US first president debate analysis: Who will be fired?

From a non-American point of view, the 2016 US first president debate analysis evaluates the clash between Senator Hillary Clinton (Democrat) and Mr Donald Trump (Republican) on three areas. Who will be fired?

5 October AtoZforex – The first debate was built up and compared to a boxing match. However, as boxing fan, I was disappointed at the weak punches from both participants. Personally, I would compare this more to an interview in three different sessions after which the American citizens choose the candidate to be their next Presidency.

Let us in the post analysis follow the boxing theme as it appeals to most. Ladies and Gentlemen… in the red corner we had Senator Hillary Clinton a seasoned politician and in the blue corner we had Mr Donald Trump a seasoned businessman and the match referee was Mr Lester Holt to ensure a fair fight.

The 2016 US first president debate analysis will concentrate on the debate itself and rather than the theatrics of the debate itself. The three areas that were discussed in were

  • Achieving Prosperity
  • America’s direction
  • Securing America

Achieving Prosperity

Kicking off with the first area of the US first president debate analysis, it deals with jobs and taxes, which were the key aspects of the debate in this section. Senator Clinton spoke about future investment in infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, innovation, renewable energy and support of small businesses. She believes that new jobs creation will come from the small business sector.

She spoke of raising minimum wages and equal pay for women, a fairer profit sharing system by companies and not just a few at the top, support for people struggling between work and family life, paid family leave, earned sick days, affordable child care and debt free college. She proposed doing this by focusing on the wealthy pay their fair share and closure of corporate loopholes and creating millions of jobs in clean energy sector and supporting small businesses.

Mr Trump pushed the issue of the loss of jobs to Mexico and trade agreements and government debt. Spoke about the economic threat China (and other countries) poses with the devaluation of their currency and building their economies on the back of the USA. He specifically mentioned the car industry and job losses (Michigan, Ohio), with Ford leaving and Carrier air conditioning in Indianapolis.

Mr Trump’s proposal to stop this so called exodus of jobs is to reduce taxes from 35% to 15% for all companies. By doing this one thing, he believes companies will come, build, expand and encourage new start-ups, bringing millions of jobs back to the USA. He mentioned USA owe’s $20 trillion (to whom?).

Analysis of this first segment

The amusing aspect of this part of the debate was, that, neither one of them blamed the Banks for causing the global crisis that affected everybody including the USA.

Capitalism relies on free movement of goods, services, people and helping those that need a helping hand.

There are US based multi-national companies already who pay near-zero taxes. How will he get them to pay 15%?

As in any society, everyone has to pay their fair share of taxes, these monies are primarily used for infra-structure, national security, education, health etc. Many in the USA have not being paying their taxes, however have use of all the amenities and free protection.

Mr Trump has not disclosed his tax returns. Why has he not? He has been bankrupt a number of times not paid many of his suppliers and contractors. Why has he not?

If everyone did what Mr Trump did and be “smart” and end up paying no taxes, then the question is what path is the US society taking for the future?

With regards to bringing back jobs to the USA, he forgets that most businesses will do what is necessary to keep their shareholders happy not the President of the US. It would have been good to have heard as to how he will create these 25 million jobs.

Senator Hillary Clinton believes in supporting small businesses and not just the wealthy few and does not “buy” the notion that the more you help the wealthy, the better off we will be. Making sure companies and wealthy individuals pay their fair share of taxes. Creating millions of jobs in the clean energy sector and help the environment.

What was disturbing if I was an American citizen was the fact that when Senator Clinton pointed out that Mr Trump was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis in 2006, his response “Gee, I hope it does collapse because then I can go in and buy some and make some money”. It did collapse.

Mr Trump response “that’s called business, by the way.” It is worrying about the character of the future President of USA, especially as millions of US citizens jobs, homes and trillions wiped off family wealth.

She has made mistakes, which human being has not in this world? Has she learnt? Her credentials speak for themselves for working on many bi-partisan issues.

It was obvious that Mr Trump came “unprepared” for this debate. What is scary is if he does not read all the information, dissect it ask questions before making a decision when he is President? We should be fearful of such a person who is on live television for the “interview” of his life and came unprepared?

America’s direction

Moving on to the second area of the US first president debate analysis, race and how to heal the divide were the two key components covered in the debate. Senator Clinton spoke about Race remains a key issue in the USA and there was need to do several things at the same time. Trust has to be restored between communities and between communities and law enforcement agencies and gun epidemic is leading to the death of young American men and views the plague of gun violence as a major contributor.

Mr Trump was a supporting the need for law and order. A strong supporter of stop and frisk policy. Reported the number of people killed since the Obama presidency and the need for law and order. He blamed gun crime on illegal immigrants and refused to accept that stop and frisk policy was seen as “illegal” as it disproportionately focused on young African-America and Hispanic men.

On the question of pursuing for five years and perpetuating a false claim on the fact that the first black president was a natural born citizen, Mr Trump and then seem to perpetuate a story that seem to distort the truth when put to the people concerned.

Analysis of the second segment

Senator Hillary Clinton, on the subject of taxes and race had Mr Trump in a twist. He did well to have dug himself deeper into a hole each time he spoke.

Comparing deletion of emails against not declaring your tax returns, as each candidate has done in every Presidential election is disturbing. The highest level of USA security agencies have looked into the issue of emails and were satisfied that there was no charge to be brought forward. It does not mean that Senator Clinton was right use the private server when holding such high office.

What was laughable was the fact that Mr Trump considers it a victory to have got a President Obama to show his birth certificate (even though the birth certificate was produced in 2011) and now he can concentrate on defeating ISIS and creating jobs, a stronger border.

The question arises, what has been doing the last five years?

There was no sign of an ounce of empathy towards non-white communities and insight into how to go about healing the differences between communities.

To an external observer, Mr Trump came across as a racist and past allegedly racist behaviour and his one act of opening a club for the “wealthiest community” and no discrimination against African-Americans or Muslims or against anybody. Therefore, this act implies that it does not make him a racist.

Another question arises, what about the “poorest community” of African-Americans or Muslims or other communities, where is the club for them?

Senator Clinton stepped back and allowed Mr Trump to dig himself deeper into a hole.

Securing America

Cyber-security was the main subject of the debate and who is behind it? Senator Clinton acknowledged cyber security/warfare was going to be one of the biggest challenge for any new President and identified two adversaries, independent hacking groups (for commercial reasons) and more worrying state sponsored cyber-attacks. With her focus on Russia and had a dig at Mr Trump’s praiseworthy of the Russian President and invitation for hacking into Americans (keeping in mind the recent hacking of the Democratic National Committee).

She cited this as being “one” of the reasons why 50 national security officials who served in Republican administration have said Mr Trump is unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief of the USA.

Mr Trump on his part countered that support with support of his own of 200 admirals who endorsed him to lead the country as well as endorsements from ICE and Border Patrol agents.

There seems to a broad based agreement between the two candidates that cyber security was an issue and needed to be tackled and improvements made.

Debate covered ISIS and how it came into power, Mr Trump lay the blame for this on President Obama’s and Senator Clinton’s doorstep, even though he did support the invasion of Iraq (President George W Bush –Republican was in power at the time) and he denied this in the debate.

Various important areas were visited during the debate, home grown terrorism and who supported or did not support which war, nuclear armament by other nations, America as a global policeman, why other countries are not paying America?

Senator Clinton definitely showed her experience over the nuclear concerns by certain nations and re-assuring USA allies regarding mutual defence treaties will be honoured.

Analysis of the third segment

Both candidates showed a similar level of concerns relating to cyber-security and warfare. There was very little between them as far as the future core policy is concerned.

Senator Clinton definitely showed her experience over the nuclear concerns by certain nations re-assuring USA allies regarding mutual defence treaties will be honoured, compared to the I do not care and as long as USA is okay attitude of Mr Trump portrait by Senator Clinton.

It was interesting to note there was no attack on the former Republican President, rather focused on the current President and Senator Clinton?

Is this because he is black and she is a woman?

Summary of 2016 US first president debate analysis

Senator Clinton has made mistakes, which human being has not in this world? Has she learnt? Her credentials speak for themselves for working on many bi-partisan issues.

It was obvious that Mr Trump came “unprepared” for this debate. What is scary is if he does not read all the information, dissect it ask questions before making a decision when he is President? We should be fearful of such a person who is on live television for the “interview” of his life and came unprepared?

However, do not believe he came unprepared as some would lead you to believe. Why? Well because during the debate his own admission was that he had watched Senator Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency against President Barak Obama. This is not a sign of a person who was unprepared.

Usually, when you apply for a job, there are different stages of the interview and you progress depending on how well you did.

From an outsider’s perspective Mr Trump, regretfully we will not be taking your application to the next stage. … You are FIRED!

However, his performance was a prepared one to voters, who are ordinary folk who have led a harsh economic reality of no secure jobs and how they are going to feed their families? Who becomes the next USA president will very much depended on either big business or a rebellious vote for the wrong person against the establishment?

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