US Court orders revealing Craig Wright’s Bitcoin addresses

May 6, 2019 | AtoZ Markets – The United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida has issued an order to reveal Craig Wright Bitcoin addresses as of Dec. 31, 2013.

The procedure comes as part of an ongoing case against Wright filed by the computer scientist David Kleiman, where the latter accused Wright of stealing hundreds of thousands of BTC, the sum that was worth over $5 billion dollars in February last year at the time of first filing the case.

The case details reveal that the order includes a list of plaintiffs’ requests, asking the court to demand Wright to unveil the list mentioned above, to identify all the bitcoins transferred to a blind trust in 2011, as per media resources.

The plaintiffs also asked the court to demand Wright to unveil the identities of the previous and current trustees, in addition to the beneficiaries of the trust.

Another request was to “permit further deposition of Dr. Wright with regard to his ownership and control over bitcoins.”

The court insists on revealing Craig Wright Bitcoin addresses

On the other hand, the court has reconsidered Wright’s previously filed motion, as the document shows, for sealing information regarding his bitcoin holdings.

The court has denied as well Wright’s motion against unveiling the bitcoin addresses he owns.  

“On or before May 15, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, Dr. Wright shall produce all transactional records of the blind trust, including but not limited to any records reflecting the transfer of bitcoin into the blind trust in or about 2011. The production shall be accompanied by a sworn declaration of authenticity.”, read the court’s order.

It is worth mentioning that Craig Wright has been in the headlines recently for similar news, the latest was when he sued Roger Ver over a libel claim.

The case paper explains that Ver had called Wright a “liar and a fraud”, in a video he posted on Bitcoin. com.

Write was said to have started a war against anyone who discredited his claims to be the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.


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