UNICEF France Accepts Donations in Cryptocurrency

September 25, 2018 | AtoZ Markets – UNICEF branch in France, has recently started to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

The well-known organisation asked visitors to make donations in cryptocurrency, explaining that “cryptocurrencies and their revolutionary approach are an opportunity to raise funds differently”.

Including Dash, the website stated that the organisation accepts payment in 9 cryptocurrencies.

“The technology blockchain can be used to make the world better. After the success of Operation Game Chaingers, UNICEF France goes further and offers virtual currency holders the opportunity to help the world’s children by making a donation in cryptocurrency.” UICEF France detailed on its website.

It is mentioned that “Game Chaingers” is a reference to a special program that UNICEF France ran with BETC advertising agency from February 2 to March 31, 2018 where consumers donated idle graphic card processing power to mine Ethereum and donated it to UNICEF France.

In a similar step, UNICEF Australia also implemented a similar campaign called “The Hopepage , opening the doors in front of consumers to donate unused computing power.

Decentralised Donations Ease Funding 

Financial observers attributed the initiative UNICEF France has taken to the advantages od decentralized donations, explaining that here are a few advantages of accepting cryptocurrency denominated donations for a charitable cause. First, accepting cryptocurrencies eliminates expensive banking and exchange fees that come with accepting payments from across a country and the world. Second, cryptocurrencies allow individuals to donate idle computer processing power to generate money for an organization rather than directly donating money, which expands an organization’s donation pool. Third, cryptocurrencies allow an organization to accept donations outside of undue government influence and censorship, which is very important for many organizations that are pursuing goals counter to the ruling government.

Cryptocurrency Resolves Saves Wikileaks from Shutting Down

Wikileaks, the organization responsible for providing a platform for whistle blowers on government programs, discovered the vengefulness of the United States government when they pressured popular payment processors to ban Wikileaks from their platforms. The US government’s goal was to severely limit Wikileaks’ funding in an attempt to have them close down. However, Wikileaks soon started to accept Bitcoin to circumvent this economic blockade, which allowed the organization to continue serving consumers despite government disagreements. FreeRoss, which is trying to clear Ross Ulbricht’s name and free him from a double life sentence without parole plus 40 years in jail for allegedly running the Silk Road website, has also been able to accept cryptocurrencies to demonstrate their displeasure with the state apparatus. Cryptocurrencies allow these organisations and others to operate independently of government fiat money hegemony, which is a hedge against an always present risk of government crackdowns.

Why Is Dash Even More Conducive for Donations?

It is reported that Dash is well suited for donations for many reasons, taking into consideration its unique DAO structure. The extremely fast confirmations Dash offers organisations for very low costs and great security, places it ahead of its peers in this field.

This is important for charity organisations that often need to optimize their productivity while also minimizing costs, which faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions can enable.

Being independent from government fiat while also granting the option of additional privacy through PrivateSend, Dash can be important for both the organization and donors to the organization that wish to enhance their anonymous status.

Having been used by over 3000 merchants all over the globe, half of them almost are located in Venezuela, Dash imposes its usability as another significant feature to count.

Financial experts read that Dash has the ability to be directly used to buy goods and services in areas such as Venezuela, which makes it very favorable for charity organisations. This allows them to directly use their Dash donations to buy goods and services for individuals in need of food, clothing, and other essential goods and services, without the need to exchange it first into another currency

Feeding hungry Venezuelan children stood as a key factor behind why NGOs recently began to accept donations in Dash.

It is worth mentioning that Dash and the Dash community have demonstrated an altruism and willingness to help others that are in need by directly donating to various causes, making Dash a very useful tool to enable better charity operations, and granting individuals their monetary and financial independence.

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