David Davis: UK will not trigger Article 50 at EU summit

Will the UK trigger Article 50 at EU summit? David Davis, the UK Brexit negotiator highlighted that the UK government is aiming for the end of March.

15 February, AtoZForex The UK will not invoke the separation process from the EU at a Brussels summit on March 9 and 10, according to the UK Brexit minister David Davis. Mr. Davis has highlighted that the UK government is aiming for the end of March 2017, instead.

UK will not trigger Article 50 at EU summit

When being asked about the odds that Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon could be at the EU summit, Mr. Davis stated he believes it would be too early. He has stated:

“The 9th or 10th is not a date I recognize in terms of our timetable. What we have said is the end of March, by the end of March,” he told a news conference in Stockholm.”

The UK government is still awaiting for the upper house of Parliament, the House of Lords, to approve the Brexit bill. In case the House of Lords passes the bill, Prime Minister Theresa May the right to invoke the exit from the EU.

Moreover, the lower house of parliament did so on the February 9. Mr. Davis stated:

“I expect it to be resolved in good time before the end of March. So I’m confident we’ll do it before our timetable.”

UK will stay in EU Court Post-Brexit

David Davis has also stated he was assured that the two-year deadline for divorce talks would be respected. He has mentioned:

“We want in two years to come to a conclusion on this matter. We have said that we may have some implementation things to do after that, but we think in two years both are possible.”

According to the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, the UK will be subject to the European Court of Justice for years after leaving the EU.

Guy Verhofstadt believes that the UK will be brought to the European Court of Justice multiple times after leaving the bloc. Such scenario will emerge in case the transitional deals are put in place, according to Mr. Verhofstadt.

Further, he has stated that the European Union negotiators were preparing for the pushing back the UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s pledges to remove the UK from all of the EU laws in the wake of leaving bloc in 2019. Moreover, Mr. Verhofstadt stated he anticipated a transition deal to be set after the UK settles its loans to the EU and also before leaving.

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