UK triggers article 50: Six things the UK needs to do next

Prime minister Theresa May of UK triggers article 50 officially and started the process of Britain leaving the EU. Here are the 6 things the UK needs to do. 

29 March, AtoZForex Brexit officially began on Wednesday after UK Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50. Now, the UK has officially started the process of leaving the European Union. One of the next key steps will come when May’s government initiate the Great Repeal Bill. The government promises to ensure the maximum stability on exit. The GBPEUR dropped from €1.151 to €1.145, although it began to make a recovery as the morning drew on. It also fell 0.49 percent against the US dollar to $1.239.

UK triggers article 50 – SIX things UK needs to do

So where will the government begin? Here’s a list of Six things the UK needs to do after article 50.

#1 – A new immigration system

Migration was a key issue in the Brexit talk about. After the UK pulls back from the union, a framework to permit its nationals to visit, work, study and live in the EU and the other way around must be pounded out. The UK is at present some portion of the European Single Market, which permits products, administrations, and individuals to move uninhibitedly through part states. Approximately 1.2 million Brits were settled in the EU in 2015. While around 3.2 million EU nationals were living in the UK, as indicated by government measurements. However, as May has clarified, the UK will never again be a piece of the single market. So this free movement of people from the EU will come at an end after Brexit.

#2 – Asylum seekers and refugees

The UK has quit most EU enactment on migration, yet a special case is the Dublin III direction, under which EU part states can exchange refuge searchers back to the primary safe EU nation they entered. Since refuge, searchers frequently achieve the UK subsequent to going through nations like Italy and Greece, the UK exchanges more shelter searchers back to those and other European nations under this control than it gets.

#3 – A trade deal with the EU

A standout amongst the most combative purposes of the Brexit verbal confrontation was the UK’s exchange relations with the EU. The UK means to leave the EU’s single market and may likewise leave the EU traditions union. Through which Britain appreciates levy organized commerce. In the event that no exchange arrangement is settled upon, the UK would need to exchange with the EU under World Trade Organization rules, which could prompt new taxes and controls.

#4 – Trade deals with everyone else

Post-Brexit entryways are opening for the UK to hit new exchange manages non-EU nations like the US, China, Brazil, Australia and Canada. As an individual from the EU which arranges exchange bargains as a coalition this would not have been conceivable.

#5 – Security vs. privacy

The UK government has demonstrated noisier than the vast majority of its EU partners. The Parliament passed the Investigatory Powers Act, otherwise called the “Snooper’s Charter.” This gives UK law authorization offices extraordinary access to individual information and requires media communications organizations to store web-perusing histories for a year.

#6 – Law enforcement

And additionally being a member of Europol, the UK is a part of an EU framework where police strengths from various nations can naturally share DNA, fingerprints and vehicle enlistment information for law requirement purposes. As per European research organization CEPS, “Brexit implies that the UK will lose access to all these data instruments for law authorization purposes.”

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