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Juhi Banu

12 October 2017

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Will UK regulate Google and Facebook as news providers?


A lot of concerns have been echoed about social networking sites which are leading to our lives. Concerning about the news, UK considers clampdown on Google and Facebook over the content posted on their sites. Will UK regulate Google and Facebook as news providers?

12 October, AtoZForex - British Prime Minister Theresa May is looking at the role Google and Facebook play in the news cycle, and what their responsibilities and legal status should be.

Will UK regulate Google and Facebook as news providers?

As Google and Facebook provide the news, some in the industry condemned the Internet giants are publishers not just platforms. It means they should take responsibility for the content and regulated like traditional news providers.

"We are looking at the role Google and Facebook play in the news environment," a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said. "As part of that work we will look carefully at the roles, responsibility and legal status of the major internet platforms."

The spokesperson also stresses the work was part of a commitment to produce a digital charter as for how individuals should behave online. According to a survey, 6.5 million British Internet users mainly source their news from Facebook. However, May's June 2017 election manifesto promised a digital charter that balances freedom with protection for users.

"We will ensure there is a sustainable business model for high-quality media online, to create a level playing field for our media and creative industries," the manifesto says.

May calls on Internet giants to remove content within two hours

According to a report, May will urge Internet companies on Wednesday to take down extremist content within two hours. The announcement came during a summit with the French president and the Italian prime minister.

As a matter of fact, Prime minister will meet Google, Facebook and Microsoft executives during the UN summit. However, the concerns grow about the availability of terrorist content online. The meeting comes amid growing concerns that Islamic State groups are able to distribute videos and online magazines too readily.

Google and YouTube have said they are increasing their use of technology to help automatically identify videos. However, Twitter suspended 299,649 accounts between 1 January and 30 June this year. Facebook has also stated publicly that it is looking at developing artificial intelligence to automate the identification of terrorist material.

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