UK leaked Brexit memo: Theresa May has no Brexit plan yet

UK leaked Brexit memo suggests that the UK government  has no sufficient officials to implement Brexit process rapidly, according to media reports. Will Theresa May be able to invoke Article 50 till the end of the March 2017, as planned?

15 November, AtoZForex The UK government states it does not recognize a leaked memo, which is proposing that the UK officials have no Brexit plan. A source, familiar with the matters, has stated that the document was an “unsolicited” pitch for work from a consultancy company.

The UK leaked Brexit memo

Reportedly, the paper cautions that the Whitehall is operating 500 Brexit related projects, where it could require 30,000 additional staff. Moreover, the document allegedly stresses what it calls “divisions within the cabinet” around the Brexit talks’ direction.

Chris Grayling, British Conservative Party politician has stated he has “no idea” where this document originated from. Mr. Grayling has further added that the document was not a government memo. He has opposed the content of the document, stating that the Brexit project is a “team effort”:

“My own experience is very different to that.”

In addition, Mr. Grayling mentioned that Brexit talks would be “complex but by no means the challenge that is set out in today’s newspaper story”. He also opposed document’s figure of additional 30,000 employees, allegedly needed for Brexit projects, stating:

“I do not know what 30,000 people would do in this process.”

The UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May still is willing to activate Article 50 by the end of 2017 March. Yet, the leaked UK’s government memo reportedly indicates how “complex, fraught and challenging delivering Brexit will be”.

Cabinet splits?

The leaked UK’s government memo is dated as of 7th November, where is suggests that the Brexit negotiations will take another six months, prior to government’s decision on Brexit terms.

Moreover, the report allegedly criticizes Theresa May, stating she is “acquiring a reputation of drawing in decisions and details to settle matters herself.” Furthermore, the document indicates the potential cabinet splits between Chancellor Philip Hammond and Business Secretary Greg Clark on one side, and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Secretary David Davis and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox on the other. The document allegedly states:

“Although necessary, this falls considerably short of having a ‘government plan for Brexit’ because it has no prioritization and no link to the overall negotiation strategy.”

The memo further signals that the government does not have sufficient amount of authorities to execute Brexit rapidly.

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