Twitter to Create Decentralized Standards for Social Media

Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey revealed that Twitter is funding a dedicated team to develop a decentralized standard for social media.

12 December, 2019 | AtoZ Markets – Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, said on Wednesday that the company wanted to create “a decentralized standard for social media.” This development could also help the site to do a better job of resisting abusive and misleading information.

Twitter is Funding for an Independent Team

Dorsey said, to accomplish this vision, Twitter is funding an independent team dubbed “BlueSky.” That will include up to five architects, engineers, and designers. Moreover, Parag Agrawal, chief technology officer of Twitter will lead the team. Dorsey said the effort would take several years.

Ultimately, Dorsey hopes that social media networks will function more like Email. That will let users send messages to each other, even if they are not on the same service. It is due to their open and shared protocol.

Dorsey said in a series of Bluesky tweets. “This will allow us to access and contribute to a much larger corpus of public conversations. However, our efforts are on developing open recommendation algorithms that promote healthy communication. And it will force us to be much more innovative than by the past.

Moderating messages on Twitter was particularly tricky. Currently, Twitter also decides which content stays in place or is removed from its site. It applies its rules against hate speech, violence, and other offensive content. The site usually relies on users to report messages that violate its rules. It also shows the messages it thinks its users want to see higher up on the site. The company will better equip to moderate content. For that, Bluesky has to allow Twitter to give everyone the opportunity to create alternative social media recommendation tools and algorithms.

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New Recommendation Algorithms

Dorsey acknowledged that incentives in social media encourage the use of outrageous and controversial material. A decentralized architecture allowing the development of new recommendation algorithms could help to solve this problem.

In her tweets, Dorsey said that Bluesky was open to work with existing decentralized standards. But it would consider creating a new one if necessary. “For social media, we would like this team to find an existing decentralized standard. It can help move forward or, if not, create one from scratch,” said Dorsey. “However, this is the only direction that Twitter, Inc. will provide.”

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