Trump campaign pulls out of Virginia! What’s next?

Donald Trump campaign staffers are shocked by his latest decision to stop his campaign in Virginia. Why would Republican Nominee do that?

14 October, AtoZForex The campaign of the Republican Nominee Donald Trump, so-called “pulling out of Virginia”, is now is a hot topic for discussion worldwide.

Trump campaign pulls out of Virginia

Such decision came from Mr. Trump’s headquarters in New York, where the official announcement took place during the conference this Wednesday. Mr. Trump’s “pulling out of Virginia” shows now that the Republican Nominee is “running essentially a four-state campaign.”

The focus of Trump’s Presidential campaign now is shifted to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio, according to the source with knowledge of the move. This means that in order to reach 270 electoral votes, Mr. Trump will need to win in all four states.

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Corey Stewart, who was serving as Trump’s Virginia state chairman, was recently fired by the Republican Nominee’s campaign for the organization of a protest outside Republican National Committee headquarters. Mr. Stewart has called the latest Trump’s move “totally premature.” He further added:

“The only thing the campaign had to do was spend money on an ad campaign and it would have been competitive … I’m just disgusted.”

Will it be possible for Trump to win?

The decision to stop the campaign in Virginia came as a surprise for Mr. Trump’s staff in the state. Another member of the Trump’s campaign claims that this decision was not finalized yet, stating:

“There have been conversations about shifting resources, but I haven’t gotten any definitive answer on anything.”

Reportedly, Virginia has been seen as a battleground state since the time, when Barack Obama won it in 2008 after years of Republican presidential victories. Donald Trump was behind Hillary Clinton in every poll in Virginia since the end of this summer. Talking about the Virginia campaign, Corey Stewart has added:

“They have not been spending money on an ad campaign for months. They’ve had a fraction of the number of paid staff as the Clinton campaign, despite promises by the RNC to boost that up.”

According to Mr. Stewart, the move “makes it next to impossible to win the state.”

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