Tradable launches Tweetable and ChatBox

21 May AtoZForex, Lagos — Tradable has continued the on going development of its platform with the addition of another interesting feature called “Tweetable”. Tweetable allows for traders to have access to their tweeter accounts via the platform, hence eliminating the need to run a separate window in browser for this.

As Tradable launches Tweetable, the idea behind this new feature is that traders can easily get ongoing tweets from experts they follow, as well as vital news updates direct to the Tradable workspace without hassle. All for the purpose of helping traders to make more educated trades.

Tradable launches Tweetable

To add the new Tweetable feature to the tradable workspace, the steps are as follows:

  • Open the AppStore in the top left corner
  • Under Categories select Miscellaneous
  • When the app list rolls down look for Tweetable, click +ADD and the app will be added to your workspace.
  • Next, connect Tweetable to your Twitter account. Click Log in with Twitter.
  • An authorisation page will open up in your browser, enter your login details and click Authorize app.
  • Copy and paste the PIN Code generated by Twitter into the empty box in your Tweetable app and press the blue button.

After these step, the twitter account will now be live on the platform.

chatboxThis follows from many similar app integrations that have recently taken place on the platform. One of which is the Tradable ChatBox app which allows traders to get in touch with other Tradable Traders around the world. It basically helps the platform users to connect with others, share your opinions and trades. To add ChatBox to the Tradable workspace, the steps are as follows:

  • Open the AppStore in the top left corner
  • Under Categories select Miscellaneous.
  • When the app list appears click +ADD

Besides the Tweeter feeds on Tradable, another interesting feature on the Tradable app is the the news Event. The news Event trader contains features for traders who seek to trade the news to have an overview of the market, giving information as to upcoming news release, time and the level of importance, as well as a system which helps execute order entries with in good time in order to take advantage of the volatility that comes with release of economic news.

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