Tradable experiments with demo competition

29 April AtoZForex, Lagos — In tradable’s words: “It’s only those who never risked real money in the markets think that trading demo and live account is anything remotely similar. Actually risking real money, putting your hard earned cash on the line is where the game really begins”. A factual statement, emphasising that the most important factor in trading is often overlooked, since emotion is missing in demo trading.

This is the core motivation for Tradable experiments with demo competition. The platform provider organised a competition with real cash price behind it and several different categories of award criteria. They also took the time to explain why it is worth while for serious traders to participate, as this category often took down on demo trading competitions.

The Application-based retail FX platform company gave the following benefits for participation in this highly remarkable competition:

  • Fairness- It allows all nationals from all locations to participate.
  • Equality- Virtual money allows for a level playing field as real money competitions hinder some good traders who do not have the minimum deposits to put up.
  • Simplicity- The identification criteria is the trader’s name and email. No complex documents required to be submitted.
  • Rewarding- $35,000 in total prizes. The first 3players with the highest percentage return rewarded with trading accounts of $5,000, $2,500 and $1,500. Along with these rewards there are several other prices in the made available, namely daily and weekly prizes, rewards for the best news traders and bloggers. Last but not least, Tradable will also give out a prize for the most striking Tradable app idea.

As Tradable experiments with demo competition, it is intended to attract both beginners and professional traders.

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