Tradable enhances platform with news trading functions

Tradable, the user friendly and innovative trading platform has done it again with the development of a workspace dedicated mainly to traders who want to take advantage of news trading. The platform is widely regarded as retail trader friendly as it works with open APIs and encourages collaboration.

The new Event trader contains features for traders who seek to trade the news to have an overview of the market, giving information as to upcoming news release, time and the level of importance, as well as a system which helps execute order entries with in good time in order to take advantage of the volatility that comes with release of economic news.

The advantage of this development it that it helps save a lot of time and effort when trying to get information about upcoming economic events via various other websites, now you get it directly via the platform. It also enhances the ease of placing trades since the app can execute various preset orders up to a few seconds before the event time via one click.tradable Event_trader

Under Charts & Trading, the tools necessary for trade planning and execution are found here. The Economic Calendar also provides information on upcoming news events for the day. The Event trader app then allows traders to plan their trades based on their expectations with possible execution of up to a minute before the news release. This system can be very useful for catching large moves swings during economic releases as it allows traders to set their trading parameters based on their expectations, and execution becomes much faster and stress free as Tradable enhances platform.

Although a this presents a good opportunity for traders to exploit new trading systems, there is still remains a challenge for traders to have a good broker to make this system function properly.

Tradable continues to forge a strong industry reputation as an innovative platform, with these latest developments. It has been quite recently, back in December 2014, that the company has launched thenew profit goal function” which allows users to set a profit they want to make on a selected position and see how far they are from reaching the goal.

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