TopTradr launches new website

TopTradr, one of most frequent capital allocators to retail traders, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Providing retail traders the opportunity to become a professional trader. 

15 November, STO TopTradr rewards investors for risk-responsible trading practices and steady equity growth; providing an opportunity for traders to become Pros. The TopTradr web app, accessed via the new site, works by ranking the profile of all registered profiles against each other and rewards $10,000 to the trader who outperforms the rest every 2 weeks.

TopTradr is not a competition, it's an allocation program

Success stories over the last years include one winner who is now on the G10 trading desk at Citibank, another winner who now is now an analyst at Goldman Sachs, plus an Egyptian trader who now manages $120K of Toptradr capital.

In an interview for Tip TV Finance, Francois Nembrini, a TopTradr partner, said:

“We are hoping to change lives. TopTradr is not a competition, but a capital allocation program. We give the successful trader $10,000 and this allows them to say that I am a professional, I am now trading somebody’s money and if I do well with that money, there may be something down the line.”

See below the full video interview.

Aside, TopTradr launches new website, the future looks bright for the company, as it is rapidly growing a risk responsible community of traders via the web app and on social media channels, who are sharing their trading experiences and supporting each other through various market conditions.

With well respected names from the industry interacting with the community and trading on a prop basis, such as Brenda Kelly, former Head of Research at IG, TopTradr is fast becoming an interesting tool for all traders to learn from more experienced risk takers and for some to be discovered and start a professional trading career. Visit here the new website of TopTradr. 

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