Top 7 Business and Job Opportunities for Blockchain in 2020

In the IT job sector, Blockchain technology is a sensation. Following the recent study conducted by Deloitte Insights, about 86% of the respondents affirm the scalability of the blockchain technology. It is believed that over time blockchain will achieve mainstream success too. Another study conducted by Upwork, which is the largest freelance network in the world states that blockchain is amongst the top 20 fastest-growing skills. Today several IT giants are on a lookout for candidates who are specialists in blockchain and have the reasonable know how to make a living by working in this niche industry. So, here we have come up with 7 of the hottest business and workspace opportunities for blockchain in 2020.

#1 Content Writing

Steve who offers online blockchain certifications and training says that there is a massive demand for the blockchain writers today. However, this opportunity isn’t something that you can just jump into right away. You need to acquire in-depth knowledge about the blockchain technology and must have the requisite technical skills to educate the people about blockchain-oriented products and services. Other preferable blockchain writing opportunities that you can venture into include blog content, white papers, landing pages, and news items. To be a good blockchain writer, you don’t necessarily have to have a complete understanding of all the technicalities of blockchain but a general knowledge backed with in-depth research abilities are sufficient to take you a long way. For a blockchain content writer, the fee can be anything between $15 to $30 per hour.

#2 Development

Zain, who had to pay for research paper online for his college submission is a freelance blockchain web developer who regularly receives requests from the organizations that need a blockchain developer to help them integrate the technology in their business. It is with the adept use of the blockchain technology that a business can improve the offered services, both existing as well as prospective for the clients. In the hindsight, it is estimated that the blockchain developers skilled in machine learning, JavaScript, C++, cryptography, and python will grow further in the coming years. Some other skills that a blockchain developer can venture into include .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Agile Scrum, XCOD, AJAX, HTML, MVC, REST, Neutral-network, Visual studio, and SOAP. A blockchain web-developer can expect an hourly rate between $60-$100.

#3 Web Designer

Austin who works with a platform that offers research paper for sale online is a web designer by profession and designs both web and mobile applications. He says that companies are on a perennial lookout for designers who can come up with designs that have great user-interface. So, if you have a knowledge of blockchain and can creatively design a website or a mobile app, you need to armor your skills to get some nice business. On average, the blockchain designer can make anything between $30-$70.

#4 Crypto Trading

Susan who is a crypto-expert and offers part-time accounting homework help online says that like forex trading, crypto trading is also a very risky investment. To make reasonable profits from this, you have to armored with skills that are more than just technical. You need a reliable crypto broker platform that allows you to trade with full transparency and liquidity. Herein, the knowledge of blockchain is essential since blockchain helps cryptocurrency to operate without the need for a central authority.

#5 Crypto Community Manager

Max who is a full time crypto community manager and also offers online assignment help adds that such a manager has a very significant role to play towards the success of a crypto project. The primary role of the manager is to interact and create awareness among prospective clients. It would be very difficult for a start-up to be successful without a skilled community manager and with several crypto-based companies surfacing, this profile is surely going to be high in demand. The average salary for a crypto community manager could be anything from $55,000-$120,000.

#6 Engineer

A blockchain engineer Sarah who did an excellent dreamstime review online says that with the rise in blockchain integration, many companies are looking for engineers who are capable of spotting the tech needs of the company. Such needs can be catered by creating a blockchain app. To be a good blockchain engineer you need to be skilled and trained in Bitcoin, Ripple, Java, Fabric, Oracle Identity, Hyper ledger, database management, and Solidity. On average, a blockchain engineer gets a salary between $60,500-$81,000.

#7 Legal Consult

There is a massive uncertainty encapsulating the blockchain industry. Thus, it is inevitable that the market will soon be in a need of a qualified legal consultant who can offer professional advice on the legal framework for ICO, STO, TGE and other developments. Such developments are under perennial scrutiny and legal check now. To be hired as a legal consultant by an organization, you don’t need to be a tech specialist. However, if you have the basic knowledge about blockchain and have acquired a corresponding license and degree, you are eligible for the job. Your role as a consultant will be to protect your company from all types of legal issues. On average, a blockchain legal consultant will be paid an average salary varying from $80,000-$150,000.

So, these are the top 7 business and job opportunities for blockchain experts in 2020. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write to us in the comment section below.

  1. Crypto Trading is the good option even if it banned in some countries. Can you tell anything related to cryptocurrency content writing?

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