Top 5 CFTC Forex Brokers in 2021

CFTC is a free regulatory association located in the United States. It has the significant task of regulating the monetary markets of all companies and people who are dealing in futures contracts, including swaps and commodities. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission or CFTC is intended to make a straightforward, significant, and monetarily stable market and offers insurance to the two customers just as the respectability of the U.S. economy. Below we have provided the five CFTC Forex Brokers name who have earned top-ranked in 2021. 

April 2021 | AtoZ MarketsCFTC Forex brokers are legally necessary to be authorized and regulated by both the CFTC and the NFA. Besides,  the CFTC adheres to an official rulebook which minutely refreshed to guarantee that all organizations and people who partake in the financial markets keep rigid standards of lead—thus maintaining a strategic distance from foul play or misuse. However, the fundamental reason for the CFTC is to regulate forex brokers who provide brokerage services for various kinds of commodities, including oil, precious metals, agricultural items, and different sorts of futures contracts.

What Is the Commodity Futures Trading Commission?

The CFTC has settled up in 1974 and is one of the four free U.S. market regulators. The other three regulators in U.S. trading are the NFA, FINRA, and SEC. Moreover, there is a margin number of brokers who have one of these regulators set up; thus, finding the perfect broker for U.S. traders can be troublesome occasionally. Forex brokers that are regulated under CFTC (Commodity Future Trading Commission) guidelines, however, can offer a trading advantage in various markets. These include commodities, futures, and other subordinate products within the U.S. market.

Top 5 CFTC Forex Brokers List

The top five CFTC Forex Brokers in this list are the best forex brokers, who give excellent support to their clients and provides enormous leverages. The top five CFTC Forex Brokers are:

  2. IG Markets
  3. eToro
  4. Nadex
  5. Oanda

1. is the first to highlight as one of the top CFTC forex brokers. This broker has notable all through the industry and authorized and regulated by both the CFTC and NFA under 0339826 license number. This CFTC forex brokers offer three types of trading account:

  • Standard
  • Commission
  • DMA account types

The standard account has an adjustable spreads trading account with no commission. However, the commission account highlights lower spreads yet charges a commission. The DMA account doesn't highlight any spreads; however, charges commissions. Least deposits on these accounts start from $1,000 for a standard or commission account to $25,000 for a DMA account. Demo accounts are accessible for you to try out.

CFTC Forex Brokers

2. I.G. Markets

Next on our rundown of top CFTC forex brokers is I.G. Markets. They are very much authorised by the CFTC and regulated by the NFA under license number 0509630 for your convenience to check. They offer one explicit account type to all traders, and a full demo account is additionally accessible for you to attempt our first.

The base deposit with this broker for U.S. forex trading is $250, and you can deposit this in your account through a bank transfer, Mastercard, or eWallet payment. Most deposit systems are charge-free, and both USD deposits and base currency are upheld.

CFTC Forex Brokers - AtoZ Markets

3. eToro

eToro is quite extraordinary compared to other known CFTC forex brokers in the world. They have likewise made our listing and approved to offer trading services inside the USA by FinCEN. eToro USA is quick on getting one of the main spots for U.S. traders.

eToro offer one standard account type with the least deposit of $50 for trading. This increments to $500, if you deposit through bank transfer and a full demo account is accessible. On funding, you can deposit through a bank transfer, Mastercards, or eWallets and most of the methods are without the expense. Both USD deposits and base currencies are upheld.

CFTC Forex Brokers - AtoZ Markets

4. Nadex

Nadex is the following CFTC forex brokers to highlight on our listing, and the CFTC additionally all around regulates them for U.S. trading. Here you can open one sort of account which has a least deposit of $250. A full demo account is additionally accessible to try out.

CFTC Forex Brokers - AtoZ Markets

5. Oanda

Last on our rundown of top CFTC forex brokers is Oanda. The CFTC extensively regulates them under license number 325821, and NFA license number 0325821. With this broker, you will find two types of trading accounts:

  1. Standard Account
  2. Premium Account

While there is no least deposit open and trade with a standard account. However, you will require a $20,000 least deposit for a top premium account and for the advantages it brings, for example, lower spreads and commissions. A total demo account is additionally accessible.

CFTC Forex Brokers - AtoZ Markets

How Does the CFTC Regulate Brokers?

The CFTC has five boards of trustees. Each of these headed by a commissioner who has designated by the president and affirmed by the Senate. These five councils concentrate on horticulture, worldwide markets, energy and ecological markets, innovation or technology, and collaboration between the CFTC and SEC. The boards populated by people who speak to the interests of distinctive industries, traders, futures exchanges, commodities trades, consumers, and the atmosphere.

The Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) regulates the trading of commodity futures in the United States. Introduced in 1936 And rectified a few times since the CEA launches the legal system under which the CFTC works. Under this Act, the CFTC has the position to build up guidelines distributed in Title 17, Chapter I, of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

The CFTC Forex Brokers Structure

The Commission comprises five individuals chose by the President for a term of five-year. The Senate must authorise the individuals. Out of the five, one has selected as the Chairman.

The CFTC comprises of four divisions:

  1. Clearing and Risk: Observes market members (trade vendors, big traders, commission brokers, and so on.) and DCOs in the removal. Moreover, it makes hazard appraisement examinations.
  2. Enforcement: Researches infringement of the law, indicting on the grounds of manipulation and misuse with concerning to commodity accumulations. In addition, trades that hurt the uprightness of the market.
  3. Market Oversight: Expects to fortify the subordinates' markets, observing trade conduction advantages. Also, auditing if current trades followed by basic standards, and so on.
  4. Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight: Observes enrollment of the moderator and futures self-administrative associations—besides, their consistency with the law, including, among many, the NFA.


The United States of America takes the guideline of monetary markets genuinely. Therefore, they have created and executed many administrative authorities over the years. However, there are a chosen few that remain over the rest as far as believability and significance. The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has one of these authorities with such exceptionally regarded administrative structure.

Moreover, the CFTC fills in as an autonomous regulatory agency entrusted with the management and guideline of American organizations managing in the futures, SWAP's, commodities, and Forex trading. As we recommended above, you can trust these CFTC forex brokers because they have a good reputation on the trading industry and can give you the best trading deals.

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