Top 4 Digital Tools For Safe And Secure Online Trading

August 24, 2021, | AtoZ Markets – Do you trade in foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, or any other financial instruments? If yes, then this article is for you. Learn the best digital tools for safe and secure online trading. But first, what is online trading?

Online trading, which is otherwise known as electronic trading, makes use of computer technology and the internet to access various trading platforms. Users can look for stocks on different exchanges and choose the broker who can offer the best price. Online traders can select a trading platform and place different orders.

Read more to learn the tools you’ll need for safe and secure online trading transactions:

1. Online Brokerage Firms And Tools

These famous online trading tools allow investors to invest and make trades without brokerage assistance. By using these tools, it’s possible to purchase orders for mutual funds, stocks, and other types of investments. 

Brokerage firms allow investors to use advanced tools to limit orders and prevent losses when buying or selling stocks. This way, the process becomes automated to lock in profits and deal with losses. You can also purchase options, like calls or puts with the use of these online tools.

2. Online Fax

One of the most important digital tools you’ll need is an internet or online fax. Why do online traders need internet fax? 

Top 4 Digital Tools For Safe And Secure Online Trading

You need to create a trading account and start online trading with the help of a stockbroker. Once you already have an account set up, you can log in and add funds to your trading account. You can use your preferred trading platform to check stock prices, charts, historical data, and other information when you buy and sell shares.

You and your stockbroker can use online fax as a communication method, most especially if you’re busy with other tasks and cannot manage and monitor your account regularly. Your stockbroker can send relevant information about your trading account through this method. But how does online fax work? 

Online fax services adopt the same technology as traditional faxing but without physical hardware or fax machines. Here are the features and benefits of online faxing:

  • Secure: In traditional faxing, the message is viewable to anyone near the fax machine, which can compromise online trading data. Internet faxing is safer and more secure because you’ll be receiving fax messages through your email and your online fax account dashboard. 
  • Convenient: Internet faxing is very convenient to use. You can easily send and receive all fax messages on your smartphone or any other internet-capable device. 
  • Environment-Friendly: You can save resources with online faxing because you wouldn’t need a fax machine, ink, and paper anymore for printing. 

3. Stock Backtesting Software

A stock backtesting software program allows you to assess the performance and effectiveness of a trading strategy. This tool comes with a detailed report of risks, rewards, winning percentage, and other online trading metrics. 

The following are benefits of using stock backtesting software:

  • Promotes Objective Market Analysis: You’ll need to include stock backtesting software in your trader’s toolbox. By using this tool, you can analyze the market first before buying anything. Before you implement a trading strategy, you need to know how it works and its application to various market conditions.
  • Approval System: You can use a stock backtesting software program as an approval system before implementing a trading strategy. 
  • Generate Accurate Data: Backtesting generates accurate financial data and makes use of trading instruments such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and Forex. 

4. Charting Tools

A charting software program allows investors to enter a stock symbol. The software generates a chart per user request to see stock movements, such as the average opening price and closing price. You’ll be able to check the trends, whether they’re going downward or upward.

Technical analysts and day traders need charting tools to generate signals for buying and selling. These tools show patterns and trends in the market. The technical indicators in charting tools for online trading include the following:

  • Overlays: These technical indicators use the same scale when prices are plotted or overlayed over the top stock chart prices, such as moving averages or Fibonacci lines.
  • Oscillators: Instead of being plotted on a price chart, these technical indicators oscillate between a minimum and maximum. They’re plotted below or above a price chart, such as the stochastic oscillator.


Online traders buy and sell through an online trading platform. You can use the digital tools shared above to ensure safe and secure online trading. Remember that as an online trader, you’ll need charting tools, technical analysis tools, stock backtesting software, and online fax for smooth and efficient buying, selling, and trading analysis. Consider adding these digital tools to your toolkit for a seamless online trading experience.

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