Top 20 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2021 - The Complete Guide

This guide contains a list of the top 20 promising cryptocurrencies to watch for in 2021 and beyond. Check out the biggest, most popular promising crypto assets to consider investing and buying this decade. Also read our review of the top 3 crypto exchanges to start your crypto investments. 

06 May, 2021 – Are you looking for the top cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021? Then probably you are wondering if you should invest in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). Well, wonder no longer! As the new decade dawns upon the emerging digital asset economy, it's vital that we find out which are the best digital currencies worth keeping an eye on in 2021 and beyond. Thus, by the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll know how to which cryptocurrencies you can invest in this year and where you can invest into cryptos.

Why should you invest in cryptocurrencies in 2021?

Digital currencies could possibly be used for the greatest worldwide money transfer that the world has ever seen. A lot of crypto experts are of the opinion that 2021 could see this burgeoning market space scale up to new heights. They also believe that many premier coins like BTC, ETH, or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) would cross their previous All-Time-High (ATH) values this year.

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Also, the crypto market has become one of the largest growing investment sectors in recent years. It is worthy of note that early Bitcoin proponents in 2017 saw their BTC holdings rise from being worth $1 to $20,000 per coin. They received the kind of ROI most wall street investors would kill for.
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However, it is possible that crypto investors will again make such a huge ROI from cryptocurrencies. The price of these tokens tends to grow much faster than company shares and many have considered them to be desirable.

Furthermore, since crypto mass adoption is pretty much a certainty by now, we can expect to see the price rally in the near future. The basis for optimism is simple-like the stock market. Cryptocurrencies will always rise and fall, and as such, there will always be an opportunity to make some money.

That said, do you already know where you are able to buy cryptocurrencies? Continue to the next section to see the reviews of AtoZ Markets' top 3 crypto exchanges.

Top 3 Best Crypto Exchanges

The best place to buy your cryptos is at crypto exchanges or crypto wallets. Through this method you will own the actual bitcoin, and you can trade it to other cryptos or fiat within your wallet. Below are AtoZ Markets' best reviewed crypto exchanges for 2021.

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Top 20 best cryptos you should keep an eye on in 2021

In the remainder of this guide, we will identify the top twenty cryptocurrencies that you can invest in 2021. So without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase.

1# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Bitcoin (BTC)

Without a doubt, the flagship cryptocurrency is by far the most lucrative coin in the market today. To put things into perspective, Bitcoin currently accounts for more than 60% of the global crypto market share. what is more, each time the BTC price experiences any sort of volatility, every other coin in the market tends to follow suit.

Regarding its financial potential, many consider Bitcoin the perfect investment asset for novices as well as experienced investors. While BTC has been tried and tested, its infrastructure has grown leaps and bounds over the past decade. In fact, Tech expert John McAfee believes that the price of Bitcoin will likely hit a value threshold of $100,000 by the end of this year.

Bitcoin BTCUSD Live Chart

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2# Best Crypto to Invest 2021: Ethereum (ETH)

AtoZMarkets readers are probably aware that after Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second-largest coin by total market capitalization.

Launched in 2015, the asset has risen over the years and has become one of the most sought after cryptocurrencies in the market.

What makes ETH different from BTC? Well, it can be seen that the coin makes use of a framework that is designed to support decentralized apps (dApps) that have been built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Because of the amazing capabilities of dApp, the Ethereum ecosystem can offer its users with a host of amazing features such as:

  • Decentralized governance

In addition, Ethereum currently boasts of having one of the most active developer communities in the world. Consequently, many financial experts are in the view that the cryptocurrency is set for big things in 2021.

Ethereum ETHUSD Live Chart

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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Ripple (XRP)

Another cryptocurrency that has become very popular since its launch in 2012 is XRP. From a technical outlook, it bears mentioning that the token plays a vital role in facilitating the transactions taking place within the Ripple ecosystem. From this perspective, Ripple can essentially be viewed as a private financial services platform that offers its users with a host of amazing products. The products include:

  • RippleNET
  • XRapid
  • xCurrent

Last year, Ripple’s various services have been utilized by a large number of established banking institutions all around the world. These institutions include Standard Charter, Santander, Cuallix, etc. The reason is that Ripple and it's native token XRP have allowed these mainstream players to facilitate their international, cross-border transactions in a seamless, hassle-free manner.

Moreover, XRP is currently the third-largest coin in terms of its overall market capitalization.

Nevertheless, a few years ago, it was able to dethrone ETH for the second position. However, it was unable to maintain its financial dominance for more than a few days.

  • ATH Value: $3
  • 2019 High: $0.48
  • 2019 Low: $0.25

Ripple XRPUSD Live Chart

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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

At the time of writing, the 4th largest cryptocurrencies by total market capitalization today is Bitcoin Cash. It was launched back in 2017 after several key personnel associated with the BTC ecosystem had a dispute regarding the BCH block size limits. Current;y, while Bitcoin is mostly seen as a store of value, Bitcoin Cash is marketed more like an everyday payment currency.

Notably, back in November 2018, BCH underwent a hard fork that saw the creation of BCH ABC and BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision).

Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD Live Chart

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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Litecoin (LTC)

Launched in April 2013, Litecoin was designed to be a less resource-intensive version of Bitcoin. That being the case, it is worth mentioning that LTC's core coding structure is similar to that of Bitcoin, except for a few tweaks here and there. As it is, the block times of LTC is nearly 4 times faster than that of Bitcoin. Moreover, LTC's total token supply is also 4 times as big as that of BTC.

Finally, back in 2018 LTC's creator, Charlie Lee sold all of his LTC tokens. This, of course, sparked fears that the project may become worthless overnight. However, as our readers may know, Litecoin has only continued to grow in strength.

After that time, many experts have continued to claim that the coin is destined for great things in 2021. However, only time will tell what the near future holds for the cryptocurrency.

Litecoin LTCUSD Live Chart

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6# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB appears to be the most successful token owned by a Binance Coin crypto exchange. For newbies, BNB price has been trading well above the $15 level for over 6 months now. The coin has continued to flourish in spite of the bearish trends of 2019.

Moreover, many pundits believe that as long as Binance continues to do well as an exchange, the BNB token will continue to possess considerable value.

Last, but not the least, it is worth noting that while many people view BNB as a profitable investment channel, there are also those people who employ BNB because they regularly trade high volumes on Binance and want to cut down on their peripheral costs (such as tx fees, gas fees, etc).

  • ATH Value: :$39.10
  • 2019 High: $39.08
  • 2019 Low: $5.90

Binance Coin BNBUSD Live Chart

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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: DigiByte (DGB)

Even though a lot of causal crypto enthusiasts may not have heard of DigiByte, the cryptocurrency is touted to be one of the most promising financial prospects of 2021.

Launched in 2014 by Jared Tate, Digibyte is unique and its network is completely decentralized. Digibyte offers tx speeds that are much higher when compared with other cryptocurrencies. For instance, it is nearly 40 times faster than Bitcoin, which can hold only 7 transactions per second, or Ethereum, which can process 15 transactions per second.

Technically speaking, Digibyte was the first blockchain platform to successfully implement the Segregated Witness (SegWit) protocol that allows tx confirmation data to be maintained separately from their associated block info. This allows Digibyte to process transactions at an extremely high rate without compromising on the security side of things (even in the slightest). DigiByte's ultimate goal is to create a payment system that is globally accessible.

8# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Maker (MKR)

Maker is the digital token that is used to facilitate all of the transactions taking place within the Maker digital ecosystem. Why is MKR unique? For one thing, it has a limited market supply of about 1 million tokens. The coin can also serve as a smart contract platform that backs and stabilizes the value of the stablecoin DAI. Moreover, MKR uses niche concepts such as:

  • Autonomous feedback mechanisms
  • Incentivized external actors.
  • Collateralized debt positions (CDPs)

What is more, MKR tokens are not only used to pay transaction fees within the Maker ecosystem. They also equip holders with voting rights to help maintain the decentralized balancing mechanism of the system.

9# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Stellar (XLM)

Launched in August 2014, Stellar seeks to provide crypto enthusiasts all over the world with a super-fast cross-border payment system that is easy to use as well as transparent in nature. It is worth mentioning that back in 2014, the value of XLM was worth almost nothing. However, by the end of 2018, the price had spiked to $0.94.

This year, XLM is priced at around $0.06. Although the platform continues to face increased competition, a number of experts believe that good things lay ahead for the Stellar ecosystem over the coming few months.

10# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is the brainchild of Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. On paper, it seems to share a lot of similarities with Ether. For example, it allows users to construct novel dApps and smart contracts. However, upon closer inspection, one can see that Cardano and the ADA token are designed to help resolve many of the interoperability and scalability-related problems that are plaguing the crypto world today.

To be a bit more specific, the development team behind Cardano is especially focused on maximizing the efficiency of the international payments market by cutting down many of the time and fee-related issues currently facing this burgeoning domain.

11# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Chainlink (LINK)

The name Chainlink (LINK) has become extremely popular throughout 2019 amongst crypto enthusiasts all over the world, because when the market at large was struggling to find its feet due to all of the bearish pressure being faced by this sector, LINK continued to surge and grow.

In its most basic sense, LINK can be thought of as an Ethereum token that is used to drive Chainlink’s native decentralized oracle network. Owing to the use of its novel framework, the platform can deploy ETH smart contracts, to connect with several external APIs and payment systems. Not only that, but Chainlink also has the unique ability to transfer information in/out of the native blockchain in a manner that is highly secure, trustworthy, and decentralized.

12# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Crypterium (CRPT)

Even though the name Crypterium might not be that popular amongst crypto enthusiasts globally, the currency has shown a lot of potential in 2019. In its essence, it is an Ether-based token that serves to power all of the native transactions associated with the Crypterium Wallet.

However, one of the most interesting facets of Crypterium is that 0.5% of every transaction fee associated with the platform is used to burn CRPT tokens, which essentially drops the total token supply volume in the long run (a feature that might prove to be extremely valuable for investors later down the line).

13# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: 0X (ZRX)

Technically put, we can see that 0x (ZRX) is a permissionless protocol that provides developers with a foundation using which they can create their very own DEXs (decentralized exchanges). Not only that, from a purely operational standpoint, 0x makes use of off-chain transaction relayers and Ethereum smart contracts to eliminate many of the issues plaguing this niche market space.

The ZRX token essentially serves as the fundamental payment unit that drives the 0X protocol. Additionally, it is also used for governance related purposes (especially when network upgrades need to be implemented). Looking ahead at the currency’s financial potential for the year 2021, many experts are hopeful that the token will perform quite well this year.

14# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: EOS (EOS)

EOS is a cryptocurrency that was created by Dan Larimer, a world-renowned developer and crypto pioneer, back in 2018. The project first came to the attention of the masses when its associated ICO successfully was able to raise a whopping sum of $4 Billion from investors spread out across the globe.

What makes EOS so unique is the fact that it makes use of a novel consensus mechanism called the delegated POS (proof of stake mechanism) that not many other currencies currently employ. Not only that, the platform does not make use of a fixed mining protocol, instead, block producers are rewarded for generating blocks based on their overall efficiency.

From its very inception, EOS has continued to grow in popularity and since the start of 2021, the currency has been trading around the $2.70 mark.

15# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token is by far one of the most interesting cryptos in the market today. This is because it is an ETH-based token that functions as the underlying fuel for Brave browser’s blockchain-based digital advertising platform.

For those of our readers who may not be aware of what Brave is, it is the world’s only web browsing app that pays users for their surfing activities. Users are given a certain amount of BAT tokens for all of the ads they view on the browser.

16# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Kyber Network Crystal (KNC)

The Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is a cryptocurrency that provides its users with the option of facilitating instant token swaps, Additionally, it should also be remembered that the Kyber network serves as a decentralized, peer-to-peer crypto-asset exchange that makes use of a dynamic reserve pool, that allows the system to maintain its overall liquidity in a highly seamless manner. Lastly, much like Crypterium, the Kyber network too makes use of a deflationary model to minimize its liquidity issues.

17# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: (MCO)

As many of our readers may be well aware of MCO as a popular digital token that is being used by crypto enthusiasts around the world to gain access to a wide range of products and services. Some of the core selling points of the platform include:

  • MCO Visa cards
  • An MCO wallet
  • Portfolio building services

Additionally, through the use of MCO Visa cards, users can reap several unique benefits such as cashback offers on Airbnb and Expedia bookings as well as 100% rebates on their Spotify and Netflix subscription plans.

18# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Ripio Credit Network (RCN)

Even though the overall market capitalization of RCN is quite low at the moment, many experts believe that the currency is destined to break out in 2021. This is because the Ripio Credit Network provides investors/crypto enthusiasts access to a global credit network that is transparent and can connect them with various lenders, borrowers, and loan originators (without the use of a middleman).

If the project can garner the traction that many experts believe it will, it should not be surprising to see RCNs value soar to new heights within the next couple of months.

19# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Tierion (TNT)

TNT is an ETH-based token that is used for verification-related matters within the Tierion ecosystem. For those of our readers who may not be aware of what Tierion is, it is a platform that allows crypto enthusiasts/developers to make use of the system’s native blockchain for a host of different data verification purposes.

As things stand, it is estimated that Tierion is compatible with a total of 500+ apps that are designed for the verification of on-chain data. In this regard, as the number of supported apps continues to increase, it would not be surprising to see the value of TNT soar and grow.

20# Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021: Decred (DCR)

In its most basic sense, Decred (DCR) is a fork of BTC that is completely open-source based and lays great importance on things like on-chain governance. To be a bit more specific, the platform seeks to rectify many of the issues that are currently facing the Bitcoin network to create a digital asset that is truly decentralized and autonomous.

As per several reports circulating on the internet, it is being rumored that in 2021 Decred will deploy an innovative hybrid proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS) consensus voting system to fight global censorship that is currently affecting a large number of people all over the world.

Best Cryptocurrency to invest 2021: Conclusion

The world of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain is happening fast. You can make huge profits from investing in cryptocurrencies in 2021. While some want the Bitcoin price to rally before, during and after the Bitcoin halving, there are many coins, tokens and blockchain projects that are worthy of growing into major players in the 20's decade.

However, you must be prepared to lose money as your predictions won’t always go your way! Hence, since no one is certain about what is going to happen to the price of a cryptocurrency, it is prudent to invest money you can afford to lose.

Moreover, know which investment strategy works best for you and also have a good understanding of what makes a good investment. So, this is the end of our best cryptocurrency to invest 2021 guide.

Which of the cryptocurrencies mentioned above is your favorite? Do you have a pick for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021? Add your thoughts below.

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