Top 10 promising Tokens or Coins for June 2018

These are my Top 10 most promising Crypto Currencies, Tokens or Coins for June 2018. Which have the most potential in terms of price going up, solving a real problem and how close they are doing it.

Going through this 2018 correction these last few months seems like an eternity, but there are signs that the crypto currency markets starts to recover. Historically the last 2 years, the total market capitalisation starts to explode during May and June as you can see in the charts below. 

So for me it seems that now is the best time to get yourself some of the most promising tokens or coins in June. The following list consists my personal opinion on some projects out there that caught my attention. 

1. Vernam

Vernam is a 0% commission insurance token running a successful ICO so far. The Vernam token will use Blockchain technology to make the insurance process less costly and more convenient. By automating the insurance broker process online, Vernam can afford to return the typical 30% broker commission back to the client in the form of Vernam tokens. Also Vernam will offer their own insurance product thought an innovative new smart contract guaranteeing that when a defined set of events occur, the client will be compensated with a certain amount of Vernam Tokens.

Vernam ICO will end on the 20th of June.

2. TomoChain

TomoChain is an infrastructure platform designed for great scalability, atomic swaps, Decentralised apps and token issuance. TomoChain plans to tackle scalability with multiple 2nd layer solutions with instant confirmations and miniscule transaction fees making it ideal for d-apps. TomoChains developers are what we call in the crypto industry as all stars and they have been very punctual to their road map so far. What’s next in their roadmap is among others TomoChain alpha version public release in Q2 and TomoApp official release with TomoChain integration.

 Just by taking a look at the top 20 in market capitalisation you can see that 11 of them are infrastructure projects so it’s not hard to understand that TomoChain with currently $83m marketcap has long way to go.