Three More Bitcoin Hard Forks in December?

We might see three more Bitcoin Hard Forks in December, aside from the other three digital currencies we talked about in our 2017 December Hard Fork Guide. Are you ready?

12 December, AtoZForex Just some hours ago, crypto community has experienced the creation of Super Bitcoin, the digital currency that claims to make Bitcoin great again.

Previously, we have reported that only in December, cryptocurrency community expects to see as many as three Bitcoin hard forks. More will follow at the beginning of 2018. Some industry insiders already call the current period an “initial fork offering world” time.

Three More Bitcoin Hard Forks in December?

December Bitcoin forks include Bitcoin Hot, Super Bitcoin, Lightning Bitcoin, Bitcoin Platinum, Bitcoin God, and Bitcoin Uranium. Moreover, on January 2nd, the world can expect to see the creation of Bitcoin Cash Plus.

In my previous article, I have covered the hard fork details of Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Uranium, Bitcoin Cash Plus and Bitcoin Silver. In this piece, we will look over the information about Bitcoin Hot, Lighting Bitcoin, and Bitcoin God.

Ready? Fasten your seatbelts!

Bitcoin Hot

Bitcoin Hot (BTH) is a fork of Bitcoin Blockchain that has emerged at block height 498848. The fork has appeared with a new PoW algorithm. The PoW algorithm is an upgraded system with a number of benefits. As per the table presented below (screenshot from the official website), you can see a number of features of BTH.

Bitcoin Hard Forks in December

Reportedly, it features large block size, faster block interval, and larger supply. Bitcoin Hot new chain will distribute Bitcoin Hot to all the current Bitcoin users with a scale of 100:1. The message on the official website of the project states:

“Bitcoin Hot (BTH) has hard forked successfully at block height 498848, 12:48 pm 12 Dec 2017 (GMT +8). BTH main chain is online and BTH team will consistently devote to the main chain work out smoothly.”

Lightning Bitcoin

Next on our list of Bitcoin Hard Forks in December, is the Lightning Bitcoin! Lightning Bitcoin (LBTCS) is expected to fork at block height 499,999. We can expect to see the creation of this coin on or around December 23, 2017. The team behind the project plans to make Bitcoin transfers as fast as “lightning” – a maximum of 24 million transactions a day.

How will LBTCS achieve this? Through its DPOS mechanism, as per the team’s remarks.

The author of the Delegated Proof-of-Stake Whitepaper, Daniel Larimer, has stated that the team utilizes DPOS mechanism that enables voting rights to the token holders to avoid concentrated control of the system.

Bitcoin God

Bitcoin God’s (GOD) official website has been created by BTC investor Chandler Guo. The cryptocurrency is aiming to “end the current chaos of the Bitcoin world.” Moreover, the GOD coin will reportedly “give complete control back to the users as it does not allow for any pre-digging or issuing of additional tokens to anyone.”

Following on this, the coin is planning to use smart contracts and Proof-of-Stake algorithm along with zero-knowledge proofs.

Yet, accordingly, to the industry experts, Bitcoin GOD and the number of other Bitcoin alternatives do now have any technical explanation of how exactly their software will function. This appears as a big issue since it is indeed impossible to understand the ability of a certain coin to deliver the promised results.

How reliable are all these Bitcoins?

We want to warn you here – it is VERY important that you make research and do not rush any investment decisions. Just like that, previously discussed Bitcoin Platinum, has been exposed by one of the industry online sources as a scam.

The coin, which was reportedly created by a South Korea high school student, has shown all the signs of a typical coin scam – the website was full of crypto jargon without any technical side to it. Moreover, no information was provided in regards to the identities of the team members behind the coin.

We urge you to always carry out the comprehensive and thorough research prior to investing any money to any of the projects.

Think we missed something? What do you think about the upcoming Bitcoin Hard Forks in December?  Let us know in comments section below.

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