This is how UBS trading floor changed since 2008

Looking at the UBS trading floor now, it is interesting to spot how the severe financial crisis of 2008 impacted Wall Street in all of the aspects. How did UBS trading floor change?

2 September, AtoZForex –  If you step back in 2008, before the financial crises took place, and look at UBS’ Stamford office, you will notice major transformations. In 2008, it was one of the largest trading floors in the world and its area could fit in as many as 23 basketball courts. UBS trading floor was filled up with traders and represented the prosperous time of Wall Street.

How UBS trading floor changed

The photo below displays how everything looked like before the crises hit the economy.  

UBS trading floor changed

However, if you look at the trading floor today after 8 years passed, you see a completely different story. The image reflects what is left as the result of the great financial crisis in 2007-8.

UBS trading floor changed

Given the current market uncertainty, let’s hope we won’t need to see a similar image again.

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