Brexit update: Theresa May to become next UK PM

11 July, AtoZForex – It has been over two weeks since, David Cameron announced his resignation as the UK PM. The leadership race entered today the final phase, when Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom were the remaining candidates. However, after an unexpected pull out of Andrea Leadsom, Theresa May has been elected the Conservative Party leader and is PM-Designate. David Cameroon will leave 10 Downing St by Wed afternoon, making way for Theresa May to become next UK PM.

Why did Andrea Leadsom pull out?

Unfortunately, due to some comments made by Andrea Leadsom, which has not been accepted by a lot of the Conservative Party members, has pulled out of the Conservative leadership contest. After this remarkable decision today of Andrea Leadsom, it opened up the opportunity for Theresa May to become next UK PM.

The issue was that Andrea Leadsom implied that she should be the PM because she had children. There are Conservative MPs who do not have children and were offended by the remarks. Theresa May and her husband have said that there are reasons that they are unable to have children. Either way, many Senior MPs had threatened to quit if Andrea Leadsom became the next UK Prime Minister.

Theresa May’s priorities as the new UK PM

After the UK EU referendum, she has stated that the Brexit vote needs to be respected, a Brexit means Brexit and there will no second referendum. At the moment her aim is to unite both Leave and Remain camps in her party and the country, while she is of opinion that no general election should be held before 2020. In her eyes, no emergency Brexit budget is required and she plans to abandon the target of eliminating UK’s Budget deficit by the end of the decade. Some her other

Article 50 will not be triggered before the end of 2016 for the reason to give UK time to “finalise” matters.

Free movement is a priority, in order to secure UK companies to trade with the single market.

– In regards to EU citizens living in the UK, there is no guarantee that they will be allowed to remain.

– Her stance on migration: the UK needs to “regain control of the numbers of people coming to the UK from Europe.” Theresa May is committed to the government’s aim to getting net migration to below 100,000 a year, something David Cameron failed to do.

Reasons for Theresa May to become next UK PM

Not only is the EU supporting Theresa May to become next UK PM, in Britain there seems to be a vast majority supporting her as well. Considering that she has presented herself as a strong personality, who is not afraid to criticise someone when needed. A prime example of this is during the 2002 Conservative conference, when she told party members that they were seen as members of the “nasty party”. Some party members have not forgiven her for it. She wants the UK to leave the European Convention on Human Rights. However, if she became Prime Minister she would drop this policy because there is no parliamentary majority for supporting this policy.

Another example of her strong personality was when she told the police at the Police Federation Conference in 2014 that “corruption problems were not just limited to “a few bad apples”. She threatened to end the federation’s automatic right to enrol officers as its members. In the same year, Theresa May had a public disagreement with cabinet colleague Michael Gove over the best way to combat Islamist extremism. Mr Gove had to afterwards apologise to the PM. She had to sack a long-serving special adviser. 

About Theresa May and her political background

Theresa May was born on the 1st of October 1956, and grew up in Oxfordshire. As the only child of a Church of England vicar, she enjoyed her education at Wheatley Park Comprehensive School with a brief time at an independent school; St Hugh’s College, Oxford. Married in 1980, while having no children, Theresa May worked at the Bank of England and then became head of the European Affairs Unit of the Association for Payment Clearing Services.

In regards to her political position, she is a strong supporter of positive action to recruit more women Tories into winnable seats. Interestingly, Theresa May is the longest serving Home Secretary in UK history and has been regarded as a potential future leader. She is seen as a tough and shrewd leader, while being famous for successfully deporting radical cleric Abu Qatada when many previous Home Secretaries failed. This gave a greater political respect within Westminster.

Theresa May to become next UK PM Timeline of Theresa May’s Politics (Click to zoom in)

The leading ladies of the UK in 2016

For the first time in the political history of the United Kingdom we may see potentially women as heads of key positions.

1. Head of the United Kingdom – Queen Elizabeth II

2. PM & Conservative Party leader – Theresa May (as Andrea Leadsom has dropped out of the race)

3. Labour Party Leader – Angela Eagle , if she manages to win the up and coming leadership contest.

4. Scotland – SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon

The UK needs a proven leader!

My opinion as the Brexit results were of the narrowest of margins and has left the country divided, UK needs a proven leader. Theresa May has those attributes and as a REMAIN campaigner following the wishes of the majority. I believe she will deliver results, at the same unite both her party and the country as the new UK PM. With the main opposition party in disarray, the UK needs a focussed individual to lead it through uncharted waters. Only time will tell us, whether the course UK has chosen is the right or wrong one?

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