Theresa May Brexit Team Ready for Action

July 14, AtoZForex – Since Wednesday, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May has started to form the new government. Among Theresa May Brexit Team, the following individuals have been appointed for various ministerial positions: Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Liz Truss and Amber Rudd.

Teresa May has served as the home secretary for last six years since 2010, and ever since her political career has developed quickly. Just on the 11th of July, Theresa May was announced as the leader of the Conservative party, now two days later she has already been elected as the new UK Prime Minister. On a different note, Theresa May is Britain’s second female UK PM after Margaret Thatcher.

Theresa May Brexit Team consists of:

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Theresa May has replaced George Osborne with Philip Hammond assigning the latter as UK’s chancellor of the exchequer. From 2014 till 2016, Hammond worked as a foreign secretary, while before he held a position at defense and transport secretaries. Now, he is in charge of guiding the British economy through the post-Brexit turmoil.

Foreign Secretary

Mr. Hammond’s position at the Foreign Office will be taken over by Boris Johnson. Johnson is the former London mayor and he aimed for the UK to leave the European Union. Despite not having a ministerial appointment under Mr. Cameron’s government, Mr. Johnson took an invitation to be present at the political cabinet but didn’t control any department.

Although Boris Johnson is a well-recognized politician in the country, the switch to the position as foreign secretary is a big step forward compared to his previous position as the mayor of London.

Home Secretary

Theresa May’s previous role of home secretary was taken by Amber Rudd, who was before the energy and climate change secretary. Amber Rudd served as a financial journalist, venture capitalist, and investment banker. However, in her 40s, she decided to get involved in politics. She quickly moved up the ladder and was elected as MP for Hastings and Rye.

Amber Rudd worked as the parliamentary private secretary for Chancellor George Osborne. Thereafter, she got promoted to the position of minister at the Energy and Climate Change department, where she worked for over a year.

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Secretary of State

David Davis has been assigned in the new cabinet as the secretary of state for leaving the European Union – or “Brexit secretary”. Before this role, he served as the Conservative party chairman and shadow deputy prime minister. Davis was also the shadow home secretary under Michael Howard and David Cameron’s cabinet.

Justice Secretary

Liz Truss is the one to take over Michael Gove’s position as the justice secretary. Truss previous role was secretary for environment, food, and rural affairs. In 2010 she became MP for South West Norfolk and two years later was appointed as a minister for education.

Concluding the list with Liz Truss, obviously this is not the complete list of Theresa May Brexit Team. Hence, stay tuned with AtoZForex to be updated on who will be selected next to represent the UK government under Theresa May.

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