Theresa May and Angela Merkel: Brexit Article 50 negotiations

July 21, AtoZForex – As Theresa May has become a new Prime Minister of the UK and implemented some changes in the British government, discussions about Brexit are heating up.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel: Brexit Article 50 negotiations

Theresa May said she won’t start the official divorce process until there is a clear “UK approach” to the talks. On the other side of the ring is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, insisting on the Article 50 invoking before Brexit talks.

As Angela Merkel and Theresa May have met for the first time in Berlin, the German Chancellor made her message clear to the PM of the UK: “If you wish to take your time over leaving the European Union, then do, but don’t expect anything in the meantime.”

As Ms. May and Ms. Merkel have a joined press conference, German Chancellor repeatedly noted that Germany will not be having any discussions with the UK until it triggers Brexit Article 50 negotiations and officially begins the Brexit process. Ms. Merkel said:

“The people in the majority in the UK voted for leaving. We have not asked them to leave. I think it’s understandable that a new government will have to take a moment and seek to identify its interests. So we will wait for the moment when the UK invokes this and applies for this and then we will put our guidelines on the table as to how we see the future relationship.”

The deadline for the Brexit process is softening the UK’s position

The Article 50 is designed to provide the Eurozone with the upper hand over the UK. The two-year deadline for the Brexit process is softening the UK’s position. Ms. Merkel has added:

“The British Prime Minister will not sit at the table of the European Council. It doesn’t make sense now to engage in speculation about what might happen. 27 countries will be giving you different views. That’s not in the British interest. And it’s not in our interest.”

Ms. May also had something to say:

“We have two women here, who have had a very constructive discussion, who get on with the job and want to deliver the best results for the people of the UK and the people of Germany.”

Theresa May believes that the appointment of new Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will help her to “build good relations. Those positive relations will underpin everything I do.”

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