The Real Fibonacci Strategy Training

Fibonacci has been a tool that has managed to wow many traders. Almost every trader at some point has at least tried to utilize this amazing instrument. However, almost all of them did not and probably still does not know that they are trying the wrong method.

Most of the Forex training media outlets are often run by people who has no clue about the market and just aim to have as much impression or visitors as possible, thus you can not just take everything as is from some website and presume that it would be working perfectly fine.

The real Fibonacci way of trading Forex

What you are missing is that Fibonacci said everything is in waves or cycles, thus I believe if you would like to apply these waves and cycles they must be pure, not interrupted (e.g. if it is a bearish cycle it should be pure bearish with no bullish candles inside) and they must have specific guidelines to consider your levels to be valid.

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The real Fibonacci Strategy involves a real Fibonacci Wave and explicit Fibonacci numbers. I am committed to share the real Fibonacci Strategy with those of you who are committed to enhance their analytic skills as well as leverage upon Fibonacci retracement zones and improve their trading performance.

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