Telegram Voluntarily Drops Lawsuit Over GRAM Trademark

Telegram has dropped a two-year-old lawsuit over the ‘GRAM’ trademark but must now repay the defendant’s legal costs.

August 26, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Telegram, a leading messaging service has recently dropped a lawsuit on the “GRAM” trademark which was going on for over two years now. However, it is stated that the firm will have to repay the complete legal costs to Lantah who was defending the lawsuit.

The decision has been made by Charles Breyer, the U.S. District Judge after Telegram voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit. It is specified that both the parties will have to negotiate a reasonable sum now as Lantah has not submitted any records yet.

After dropping the lawsuit, Telegram can make claims regarding GRAM trademark

It is seen that even though the judge has dismissed the lawsuit, he still has permission to Telegram for refiling. The firm can make claims in the future regarding the GRAM trademark, while Lantah’s dismissal request has been rejected.

Back in May, Telegram also abandoned its project of Telegram Open Network and settled with the US SEC afterward. Back in December 2017, the firm announced its plan to launch a blockchain network for GRAM tokens. However, Lantah has claimed that they had planned to issue GRAM even before Telegram announced the same.

Lantah claimed to have priority over trademark

Lantah has submitted an application for the GRAM trademark, back in 2018. Despite this, Telegram has taken legal action against the firm for filing an application for the GRAM trademark. Telegram took legal action against the firm in May 2018 after raising $1.7 billion through a three-month offering of GRAM tokens.

According to the court, Telegram has started using the trademark even before Lantah. The court has restricted Lantah from using the trademark following the request of the messaging giant for a preliminary injunction against Lantah.

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