Swissquote Partners With Tesla to Launch Car Leasing

Swissquote has officially announced its partnership with Tesla, an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California.

December 4, 2020, | AtoZ Markets – Swiss leading provider of online financial and trading services, Swissquote has officially announced on Friday that it has partnered with electric carmaker Tesla to increase its services in the credit sector.

In collaboration with Tesla, the Swiss Forex giant is launching new digital leasing offering to help swiss clients interested in the purchase of new cars.

Swissquote partners with Tesla to focus on the evolving automotive industry

According to the press release seen by AtoZ  Markets, the Switzerland-based financial services company is planning to focus on evolving market trends related to the automotive industry. The Swissquote Tesla partnership will help capture the growing interest of people in electric cars. The Switzerland-based firm is now bringing online leasing of Tesla to the clients in order to simplify the process of leasing.

Customers would create and configure their Tesla on the Tesla website, said a Swissquote spokeswoman when asked by AtoZ Markets. When it comes to financing, you can then choose the option of leasing with Swissquote as your leasing partner. Swissquote is a “premium partner” when it comes to leasing with Tesla, she emphasized.

With the new offer, the online bank wants to focus on the market trend for electric cars. They share “the same DNA and values ​​with Tesla in terms of digitization,” said the spokeswoman. However, Swissquote does not rule out further partnerships in the leasing business in the future.

Swissquote continues to expand

Established in 1999, Swissquote has continued to expand its services in recent months. Earlier this year, Swissquote launched new CFDs on top of Asian stock indices to its Advanced Trader and Metatrader platforms. Swissquote partnership with Tesla shows that the broker is planning to explore new options for expansion including credit services.

Regarding Tesla, the company whose co-founder and CEO is ElonMusk has gained huge popularity in recent years due to the growing interest of people in electric vehicles. The popularity has been pretty evident in the share performance of Tesla which has gained more than 500% since the start of 2020.

Swissquote recently extended its decade-long partnership with FX technology firm Integral through a multi-year subscription deal.

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