Swissquote mobile app now offers Bitcoin trading

The craze of cryptocurrencies is increasing in the market. To address the demand, AtoZ approved broker Swissquote mobile app now offers Bitcoin trading for iOS devices.

15 September, Swissquote – Swiss online trading and banking services provider Swissquote Group Holding unveiled an additional version of its application for iOS devices. The new feature targets virtual currency fans. The latest version of the solution (7.2) offers Bitcoin section which allows its customers to trade in cryptocurrencies.

The users will be able to exchange Euros or US dollars for Bitcoins on the Swissquote platform. Customers may speculate on Bitcoin or use it to diversify their portfolios. The move follows after Swissquote became the first online bank in Europe to offer Bitcoin investing.

What is new in Swissquote IOS Mobile app?

The new Bitcoin section does not exhaust the list of enhancements to Swissquote’s mobile app. Swissquote has been updating its mobile apps regularly. A set of improvements to the Mobile Banking and Trading app were released in June. The solution has started offering new news alerts, covering Macro-Economics and Sectors.

There was also an enhancement concerning education, as users of the app got direct access to webinars. The previous update to the solution included a raft of improvements, such as direct trading from Apple Watch. This change marked a significant improvement compared to what typical apps for Apple Watch allow traders to do – merely get notifications and check account status.

Swissquote’s mobile app also saw the addition of the Fast Trade function, which allows users of the mobile application to compute automatically their orders based on a template, where they can determine the percentage of the price based on the last price.

Swissquote remains a FinTech innovator

Swissquote’s social network Pulse is offering the ability to edit a message and manage the Trending period. The app enables traders to receive notifications when they pass near a Swissquote Lounge. It is not a random fact that Swissquote puts so much effort into the development of mobile applications – there is a compelling business rationale behind all this. When launching its application for Apple Watch in 2015, Swissquote said that a growing percentage of its transactions was executed via mobile apps.

Then, of course, the company is sticking to its image of a fintech innovator. For that matter, let’s mention the Virtual Reality application it rolled out in February this year.

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