ICAP hires Hiscox’s veteran as Group Finance Director

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Just over a couple days ago the leading markets provider and operator, ICAP has announced its launch of EBS platform. Broadening their portfolio, whilst enhancing their execution and unique trading experience. Aside this recent news, ICAP has announced two more exciting developments today. First off, BATS Chi-X Europe and ICAP are going to launch new services, enabling clients to trade EFP. The other news focus on the hiring of Hiscox’s veteran Mr. Stuart Bridges as Group Finance Director for ICAP.

This article focus on the latter development, which has been publicly made aware by ICAP through their press release on the website. In more detail, the newly hired veteran is Hiscox’s former CFO, named Mr. Stuart Bridges. Being appointed as the CFO and board director for the globally specialist insurance firm since 1999, Mr. Stuart Bridges possess over a vast knowledge and experience. Notwithstanding, will the new Group Finance Director fulfil the position greatly, but the Mr. Stuart Bridges will also sit on the Global Executive Group as well as being a Board of ICAP.

In order to finalise the official hiring and for Mr. Stuart Bridges to effectively start his new position within ICAP, the proceeding needs to be approved first by the FCA. Thereafter, will Mr. Stuart Bridges be able to join ICAP’s London based office, whilst being responsible for direct communication to the Group Chief Executive Office; Mr. Michael Spencer.

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Having to come to agreements, the Group CEO of ICAP has happily commented on the recent added member: “Stuart brings valuable experience and an impressive track record in the global financial services industry and I am delighted that he is joining ICAP. His appointment marks the culmination of a comprehensive process to find the best candidate for this role. Stuart will be a key part of the management team that will drive forward our strategy and I look forward to working with him”

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