Stablecoin Catches More Attention from Crypto Exchanges

November 5, 2018 | AtoZ Markets

No doubt, anyone who has medium knowledge about the crypto ecosystem, would know that USD Coin has been in the news recently.

As per the data CoinMarketCap published, the aforementioned company rose in value to rank the 58th position among top cryptocurrencies, within less than a month.

On the other hand, 12 exchanges at least have expressed their interest of joining the ecosystem for incorporating USD coin, according to an official blog Circle posted.

Some of the prominent exchanges referred to are BitMart, Fcoin, Gatecoin, Hanbitco, Hotbit, SWIFT, OCP Capital, DDEX, and Bit-Z.

More companies started to permit USDC

The news reported that the last two weeks witnessed a surge in the amount of companies permitting USDC since the token was issued, and that the collaboration between Circle and Coinbase has yielded in more than 50 companies coming on board, the thing stood behind starting the CENTRE Consortium.  

Nexo as well- which is the first instant crypto-backed loan provider, declared adding Stablecoin, while the cryptocurrency startup Bitkan, reported that its users are able to use USDC for using various services.

In a connected news, Circle has just announced stopping charging fees for the conversion of USDC to US dollars.

The decision comes in a try to gain more popularity for Stablecoin, as per analysts, which might result in company’s business flourish more.

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