SquaredFinancial Announces its Q3 Market Outlook Report

SquaredFinancial today announced its market outlook report for Q3 of 2020 and is one element of the trading advice and training Squared provides to investors.

July 8, 2020 | SquaredFinancial – Q3 2020 will continue to be dominated by Covid-19 as markets accept that lockdown was never a cure, it has just delayed the spread of the virus.

What to Expect From SquaredFinancial Q3 Market Outlook Report?

As countries expand track and trace and become more effective at isolating pockets of infection, we will see greater control allowing the opening of economies, but the risks remain.

Rony Nehme, Chief Market Analyst at SquaredFinancial commented:

“The response to Covid-19 switches between necessity and expediency, which will not change until we have a way of controlling the virus.  The safe option is to maintain lockdown and social distancing, but Governments can’t risk further economic damage.  We believe there will be a V recovery – but V is for a vaccine, not a shape.  Until we have a vaccine the pandemic will define financial markets and become the new normal.  In the short-term it is likely we will head into a range-bound summer, as the markets find an uneasy equilibrium between the negative news flow and central bank stimulus.”

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The SquaredFinancial Q3 Market Outlook Report is available at Q3 PDF and is one element of the trading advice, training and information which Squared provide to investors.  The analysis is developed in-house by the SquaredFinancial research team.

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