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Spread Co Post-US election outlook: FOMC forecast eyed

Spread Co Post-US election outlook: FOMC forecast eyed

Last week’s US elections have appeared more shocking than everyone expected, as Donald Trump unpredictably won the US Presidential race. This has caused a wave of turmoil in the financial markets. Traders are now wondering what to expect from Forex brokers after the elections? AtoZ Forex has reached out to Spread Co, inquiring on Spread Co Post-US election outlook and status.

18 November, AtoZForex – Currently, as Donald Trump will officially become the US President, it is high time to analyze the situation in the markets. Moreover, traders need to start thinking about the future steps under the Republican Nominee’s leadership. AtoZForex team has been meeting and interviewing Forex brokers globally to get their view on the market in the wake of the Republican victory.

Spread Co Post-US election outlook

AtoZ Forex Industry News Manager, Kristina has spoken with Shammer Sachdev, the Sales & Marketing Director at Spread Co. Below, we present to you the key highlights of Spread Co Post-US election outlook.

Kristina Frunze: Was there any change in Spread Co’s margin requirements?

Shameer Sachdev: Yes.”

Kristina Frunze: Have you brought the margin requirements back?

Shameer Sachdev: Yes, these went back to normal the next day.”

Kristina Frunze: What was the most traded instrument for Spread Co?

Shameer Sachdev: US30.”

Kristina Frunze: What does Spread Co research team expect for the USD until the 20th of January?

Shameer Sachdev: After an initial dip, the US dollar soared following Donald Trump’s unexpected victory. In addition, the Dollar Index topped 100 to hit 13.5-year highs. The bond yields jumped and as the probability of a December Fed rate hike rose to 95%. Furthermore, it’s possible that the USD pushes higher from here.

However, we could see it back off from current levels even if the Fed hikes in December as promised. Much depends on the FOMC’s forecast for future monetary tightening. Additionally, we can expect them to be very wary of suggesting a fixed timetable or set of conditions for future hikes. Also, it’s possible there is an overcooked expectation of a pick-up in US growth on the basis of President-elect Donald Trump’s infrastructure spending and tax cut proposals.”

Kristina Frunze: What recommendations can Spread Co give to traders trading this week?

Shameer Sachdev: As always, make sure you carry out careful money and risk management and never speculate with money you can’t afford to lose. To find out more visit our risk management page.”

Kristina Frunze: Do you have any special promotion for traders?

Shameer Sachdev: “2% interest on cash balance. We’re paying 2% per annum on any balance in your account that is not being used as margin from £10,000 to £50,000.”

Do you have questions for Shameer Sachdev about Spread Co or the market post the US elections? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of AtoZ, nor should they be attributed to AtoZMarkets.

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