Skype to discuss adopting Ripple micro-payment

April 10, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – The Ripple (XRP) community is reportedly having talks with Microsoft Skype, over integrating the crypto mentioned as a micro-payment on the Skype network.

Skype’s management promised to study the suggestion with other joint departments at the company.

In the last period, the talk about the possibility of Ripple to be a mainstream currency, has been in the news more. For that to happen, financial analysts say there should be a widespread adoption, like a giant organisation or institution to adopt it as a means of payment. However, Ripple is said to be working on this today, with other options of making currency a micro-payment solution are still on the table, like using it through XRPTipBot on Twitter, Reddit, Gmail, in addition to Discord, as per news outlets.

In retrospect, Reuters published the last year a report, in which it revealed that crypto trading companies are negotiating, purchasing, selling, and lending cryptocurrencies over Skype, as the latter is an international free platform, which fits perfectly for the goal traders have.

Some giants started to consider Ripple

In a similar context, a giant IT solutions company was recently reported to have unveiled a new method to connect banks and financial institutions to Ripple’s suite of cross-border payments technology.

TCS announced in a statement that its Quartz blockchain solution now works with RippleNet.

The system mentioned, enables banks/payments systems to connect to newer DLT based payment infrastructures (like RippleNet) for processing of Cross border FX remittance transactions.

The Quartz Gateway, as TCS, seamlessly connects the TCS BaNCS Payments system to the blockchain based Payments platform using APIs, and supports services related to FX Quote finalization and debit/credit of beneficiary accounts. Leveraging this approach, existing/core systems operational at banks/ other payment institutions need not undergo changes in connecting to the blockchain platform.

In a connected news, a private exchange has recently published a study paper, in which it said that Ripple IPO might prove unsuccessful.

The researchers pivoted their argument around whether a Ripple IPO would be an attractive investment, as even with cryptocurrencies like XRP has the ability to play as a settlements solution, the competition in this regard would still stand as a barrier.

The research read as well that “Payments is a crowded landscape with big banks, processing firms and now Blockchain based payment startups chasing the same market” and that “Ripple enjoys a significant market opportunity and is uniquely positioned to grow given its partnerships with major financial institutions around the world,”

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