Executive director Simon Roberts leaves UK Admiral Markets

Executive director Simon Roberts leaves UK Admiral Markets after being appointed to his role earlier last year. According to the company’s statement, Simon has managed to effectively direct the firm regarding the regulatory developments. 

27 July, AtoZ Markets – The UK-based financial trading services provider Admiral Markets UK Ltd. has reportedly parted ways with the company’s General Manager, Simon Roberts. Simon has been appointed as Admiral Markets Ltd’s company Executive Director earlier last hear. 

Simon Roberts Leaves UK Admiral Markets 

The filing from the Companies House noted that Simon Roberts leaves the company. According to online media reports, a company spokesman has confirmed this news, adding:

“Role of Simon Roberts was an Executive Director of Admiral Markets UK Ltd. He had an administrative role as a general manager, with a focus on regulatory change. He worked alongside Stephen Ayme. His role has been taken over by Stephen Ayme, subject to oversight by the Board of Directors and with the full support of the Admiral Markets administrative functions.”

The company itself has stated that Simon Roberts has resigned from his position as an Executive Director of Admiral Markets UK Ltd, as from 26 July 2018. The statement from the company has also highlighted that Simon has been engaged in the administrative activities within Admiral Markets UK Ltd, with the focus on regulatory developments concerning GDPR, MiFID II, and the ESMA product intervention measures.  

The company has written in the statement:

“Over this past half year, Admiral Markets UK Ltd has achieved a large number of goals. The projects in which he was involved have been finalized and he will pursue his career away from Admiral Markets UK Ltd. His departure will not impact on the development of the business. We are grateful for the good work that he has contributed and wish him well in his career.”

Simon Roberts As Key Compliance Communication Specialist

Aside from this major change in the internal team of Admiral Markets, the company has undergone some other changes, including the appointment of three new board members back in 2017. 

Simon Roberts has joined Admiral Markets after serving at a Cypriot Forex brokerage Windsor Brokers. At Windsor Brokers, Simon has been serving as the Business Development Consultant for the period of two years. Moreover, the has been acting as a Managing Director at SCP Consultants Limited.

In addition, Mr. Roberts has been an approved Director with the UK’s FCA, thanks to his extensive experience in operations, corporate governance and compliance matters concerning the financial services industry. 

During his time in Admiral Markets, Mr. Roberts has held the key role in connection to the UK regulator, while also aiding the foreign branches with communications with local regulators. 

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