Should Forex Education be free? Best Thank you ever!

Should Forex Education be free for every trader? Despite many naysayers, at we believe that every trader deserves the right to receive unbiased free education. This post is dedicated to 10,000 Forex Traders who has benefited  from Free Forex Education provided by our team of experts and and there is no better thank you than comments below! You too, please share this post with your feedback. Let's be the change we would like to see in Forex world.

It has been such an amazing 20 months so far. Since the inception of on the 21st of December 2014, we have come so far! Yet in this short time we helped to change for so many traders' lives and guided them along the way.

The following is a small summary of AtoZ Forex operations during the past 610 days:

  • 124 Market analysis webinars
  • 78 Educational Forex webinars
  • 3 Pro-trader challenge training
  • 9,986 Traders trained online
  • 124 people trained via Pro-trader challenges
  • 896.451 AtoZ Forex news subscribers
  • 54 Forex Brokers tested
  • 6 Forex Brokers received AtoZ Approved Forex Broker badge
  • 3 Forex brokers in the process of receiving approval
  • Participated in 11 global financial events
  • 9 Forex Expo's participated
  • 98 IB/Affiliate proposals from different brokers were REJECTED (sorry folks no IB/Affiliate)
  • 28 volunteers helping AtoZForex to grow
  • 26 full time editors, IT professionals and marketeers

AtoZ Forex traders thank you!

There are so many diverse backgrounds following AtoZForex and sharing their feedback. Our stories stretch as far from traders being a losing speculator to traders becoming a consistent and profitable trader who help others to achieve their dreams. Indeed, these are real traders sharing real gratitude on the journey they have gone through.

In contrary to the vast " Professional Forex Training centers" offering norious claims of 100% returns, AtoZ Forex and our followers believe in learning, perseverance, and hard work.

"Education is a natural right! It should be available for all with no obstacle, including financial education for traders and investors!" - Yagub Rahimov

Forex Education is what AtoZForex team love which is lead by Yagub Rahimov, one of the best Forex Traders and trainers. Starting his Forex career at the age of 17, Yagub has been referred as a professional trader since 2007 - 2008, when he was nominated as the best trader of the year for the first time. Spending vast amount of his time into research, Yagub is also the founder of the "True Fibonacci Waves" theory and the author of the upcoming "Forex NOT For Dummies" traders' journey book. During the last 5 years he has taught over 10,000 traders from 92 different countries and continues doing so in AtoZForex Forum and Skype Community.

There is no better Thank You than a Share!

There are few of many traders opinion on Forex Education provided by Yagub Rahimov and AtoZForex :

“When I was introduced to Yagub Rahimov through a mutual friend, and learnt about his age, I thought to myself, what can I learn from this guy? He probably took high risks and gambled his way to his success in trading. Wow, was I so wrong and this taught me my first lesson to stop being judgmental about anyone.

If I was asked to focus on one thing I have learnt from Yagub Rahimov, I would say I learnt three things about trading:

  • Keep it simple;
  • Trade what you see on the charts, believe in your analysis;
  • Always be humble, don't just take, give to others also.

I will end in conclusion by saying Yagub Rahimov is a unique trader trainer with a unique insight of the markets and above all a true giver,”Trading Doc, London, UK

“One thing that really caught my attention during the webinar of Yagub Rahimov was his emphasis on the Trading as a Business. He said that TRADING is not Ferraris or Luxury holidays in Hawaii, as many ‘Forex Teachers’ often promise, but it is hard work and correct mind-set. Yagub Rahimov also said that trading is simple, but at the same time, it is hard work that you have to put in, in order to achieve something. I like his famous phrase ‘There is no free lunch’.

I started following Mr. Yagub because he teaches how to approach trading with the right mind-set and how to set achievable goals rather than talking fairy-tales. I am really grateful that I got to know this man, and hope to meet Yagub in person one day. Thanks again and keep up the good work my friend,”Vytas Moncys, UK.

“If we put FX market aside, what I’ve basically learned from Yagub Rahimov is that – Any one day which brings you closer to your dream is a great day.

Being a part of AtoZForex community and Yagub's direct support have been a game changer in my FX trading skills so far. Using MAs, RSI, MACD and price action trading tips were the biggest takeaway from AtoZForex community. I'm looking forward to learn how to apply <<True Fibonacci Wave>> theory that he so frequently uses for his analysis. And last but not least, thinking of Yagub Rahimov I always tell myself – Anything is possible!”Tural Jafarli, Baku, Azerbaijan.

“Despite the obviously 1st class training provided by Yagub Rahimov and his team, he has taught me much about being a rounded person as well. He truly is an inspiration as a person and certainly a character to look up to in life, completely humble, unselfish and honest in every aspect of his work.  He has taught me over time that forex is achievable, with the right mind set and lots of hard work anything is possible but at the same time I will remember to stay humble, helpful and remember that becoming greedy and gloating about life, money and riches is the sure fire way to the begging of the end. Yagub and AtoZ are the only people I trust 100% in forex, thank you kindly for everything you do,”Stefan Marjoram, London, UK.

For all of this we just ask you to share and spread the news with your friends and fellow traders so we could change the Forex industry together. Give us a thumbs up and join our quest by just sharing these resources.

Together we can do it!

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