Saxo bank adopts new technology for data monitoring

30 April,, Lagos — Corvil is one of the renowned platforms for network data analytics works, they provide the service of transforming raw packet data into real-time operational and business intelligence. Destined to provide magnitude improvement and overview to interests in a fast manner for understanding and evaluating the real-time situation, hence making it possible for parties to act instantly.

The platform providers announced today that their services has been selected by Saxo Bank. The Danish online multi-asset trading and investment bank, has chosen Corvil as its end-to-end data monitoring solution. As Saxo bank adopts new technology, it will now apply Corvil’s network data analytics in the activity of monitoring market data. Along with identifying potential inconsistencies on real-time basis,in order to ensure a consistent as well as secure trading and pricing environment.

The only solution

In the official statement, Michel Andre, CTO for Saxo Bank said: “As Saxo continues to grow, Corvil’s best-in-class solution was a natural choice to meet our data flow monitoring needs. Corvil has a stellar reputation within the financial industry and is the only solution that can adequately handle the volume of data flows we process at enough granularity. For us, there were really no good alternatives to Corvil.”

Living in a world with fast development of technologies, it makes the life of individuals and business more convenient, but is can also be a double-edged sword. In a further clarification, the CEO of Corvil, Mr. Donal Byrne explains the phenomena: “The speed at which network data travels is both a blessing and a curse for the financial markets. On one hand, it means quick trades and instant money transfers. On the other hand, lots can go wrong. The Corvil solution provides a watchful eye over any network, enabling us to notify our partners at the moment of any inconsistencies so they can react in near real-time.”

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