Roger Ver Speaks Openly About BCash Incident

October- 16, 2018 | AtoZMarketsHow often do we end up judging the person on the other side with really knowing what has happened in a certain case? How often do we see decision makers fighting each other, instead of uniting? Lastly, how often do we see people opposing Bitcoin Cash, because of the believe that Roger Ver is calling it the next or real Bitcoin?

Back in November 2017, the founder of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver had an online interview with John Carvalho, a Bitcoin enthusiast and also known as BitcoinErrorLog. The talk started about scaling, but then both dived in to the topic of the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, whilst calling BCash instead of Bitcoin Cash. From one topic to the other, the discussion turned into a heated debate.

Roger Ver Discusses BCash Incident

Earlier this week, Bitcoin Cash founder Roger Ver, 7Marketz Group CEO Yagub Rahimov and CoinTelegraph Co-founder Toni Lane met in Cyprus to discuss the future of the blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies market. During that meeting, Roger Ver spoke openly about the BCash incident in 2017.

Roger Ver: “I don’t think that BCash is the right name for Bitcoin Cash, but what made me so mad during that discussion there was when he said that as a matter of fact, everybody knows Roger that you are paying for a whole army of sock puppets on the internet to promote BCash. 

  It wasn’t the fact that he called it BCash that made me mad, it was the accusation that I paid an army of sock puppets, which I never ever done. But there are clearly armies sock puppets and people on the Internet opposing Bitcoin Cash and that is really what pushed my button.“

Yagub Rahimov: “Here is something, I have been personally against you and I have told you personally. Have you ever said that is only dedicated for Bitcoin Cash?”

Roger Ver: “I will be up to discuss it in detail. If the green color for Bitcoin Cash really increases the attraction, then maybe we will change the website colors of to green and black instead of the orange and black. We have been busy with promoting Bitcoin Cash for about 99%.”

Yagub Rahimov: “Why don’t you do that?”

Roger Ver: “I am pretty clear, I wear a Bitcoin Cash shirt everyday.”

Yagub: “By the way, we have agreed that, I will pay in fiat today…”

Roger Ver: “and that I will pay in Bitcoin Cash”.  

Do you believe that Roger Ver is right or wrong? Do you support Roger or disapprove? Do you want to change their colors? Share in the comment section below your thoughts and opinion.

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