RoboForex neglects SNB mistakes, offering 1:1000 leverage

Forex promotions, Leverage, Margin, RoboForex, SNBIn recent light of the horrible SNB Black Swan event, a number of brokers and analyst have blamed the excessive high leverage rates as being part of the issue. These irresponsible offerings of high leverage rates to retail traders has troubled the brokerages, as it is a double-edged sword. Due to the SNB, some clients were making tremendous profits that had to be disbursed by the broker, whilst others made huge losses owing to the broker.

In both scenarios the brokers were facing substantial liabilities, resulting into the adjustment of risk management and leverage rates post the SNB Black Swan event. However in a recent announcement of RoboForex, the international forex brokerage opposed this favorable measure, and introduced a promotional offer with even offering 1:1000 leverage rate. Aside this particular ratio, the promotional offer of RoboForex contains the following lofty leverage rates for its clients:

  • 1:700
  • 1:888
  • 1:1000

Along side these remarkable offering, RoboForex has decreased the margin requirements, whilst advertising: “bigger trading volume without making any additional investments to your trading account”. These mentioned promotional offers of RoboForex were effective from the 30th of March, until the 1st of May.

From a publicly made statement of Mr. Anton Ivanov, the Marketing specialist at RoboForex has expressed responded to the tactical offers of the firm: “when offering brokerage services, any company is striving to provide its clients with the maximum possible choice of opportunities. One should remember that following the rules of trading and constant risk management is the area of responsibility of the trader himself.”

With this recent offer of RoboForex and clarification of the firm’s spokesperson, the long lasting debate over the degree of given responsibility to retail traders takes another turn.

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