Robinhood Announces Multiple Changes to Options Trading Products

Online commission-free broker Robinhood has announced some changes to its trading app for options trading products. Does Robinhood make it easy or hard to trade?

09 September, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Investors are playing a major role in 2020. Robinhood has registered millions of in this, many of them relatively young or just beginning to invest. Robinhood investors are known for being aggressive and chasing risky opportunities for high returns. But the broker has been unable to provide the necessary services and knowledge that investors need to succeed.

Robinhood Reveals Major Upgrades Including Educational Materials

So, Robinhood has announced several new changes to its options trading products. The broker is also strengthening its eligibility requirements to make it difficult for options traders to qualify to trade advanced commodities. Robinhood said:

“Robinhood requires customers wishing to trade options to disclose, among other things, investment experience and knowledge, investment objectives, and financial information such as income. It then conducts an assessment of this information in deciding whether a customer may be approved for options trading.”

The broker revealed that it launches a feature that allows users to exercise options contracts directly within the Robinhood app. Robinhood stated:

“We’ve built a resolution flow that will guide customers through the potential actions of exercising a contract or trading shares to resolve an account deficit, and added the ability to contact support directly through the app.”

Now, investors can avoid delays and trading restrictions regarding option trading contracts. Funds and shares of options trading are directly available during market hours. Robinhood has introduced new access points to the market, creating a space for people to learn about the financial world. The broker said:

“We’ve hired an Options Education Specialist who will join our team later this month and will continue to support these initiatives, as well as provide educational guidance and expertise in our communication channels — from our website to social media to in-product.”

The broker also noted that it is constantly working to improve its products and enhance communication with its customers. Recently, they have made multiple updates to give its customers the best possible experience.

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