Ripple Xpring Launches Developer Relations Program

Ripple Xpring launches the developer relations program called DevRel as a new feature of Xpring. Ripple Developer Relations Program would serve as a forum and community page for developers. Xpring community to hear reviews from developers and testers, which can be further implemented to update and develop the nominated product.

03 February, 2020 | AtoZ Markets Ripple's Xpring will launch a program of community web page and forum called "developer relations" or "DevRel" for its development platform. Xpring has implemented this initiative because 80% of its staff is made up of teams of developers. This initiative will also enhance the growing relationship with the developer community worldwide.

What is DevRel?

DevRel is the marketing technique. It is used to ensure that one's company, its products and developers establish a good relationship with external developers through mutual communication. On Feb. 1 Xpring said on the blog post, "most Xpring employees work on the engineering and product side. However, we think of DevRel as Xpring's ears and mouth."

DevRel will focus on improving and strengthening the relationship with developers in three areas: content, events and support. Xpring says:

We will focus on producing content that makes it more accessible to blockchain technology and digital resources for developers through technical documentation, code examples, tutorials, video demos.
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DevRel will also be an initiative that provides for a greater presence of Xpring in global events such as hackathons, conferences and developer meetings. Xpring aims to have direct feedback with its community on its services, tools and programs.

Ripple's investment arm, Xpring launched in October 2019. It is an open-investment platform that also aims to facilitate the integration of payments into developer products. In December, it launched the Xpring wallet after receiving developer advice on their needs. Xpring is also starting DevRel to engage the growing developer community around the world.

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Ripple DevRel Twitter Handle

There is also a new DevRel twitter handle @XpringDev. The community can post all the questions. Moreover, they can watch out further updates on the latest releases and news on the subject. Xpring also planned to make multiple public appearances such as in hackathons, seminars, events to engage in the direct approach.

The goal of the Xpring community is to provide adequate technical support through friendly and dedicated partner engineers and real-time developer channels with all the necessary guidance.

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