Reasons why markets believe Clinton won the first debate

Clinton won the first debate, according to the markets’ view and the polls should reflect that, as analysts say. How the debate affected the market?

27 September, AtoZForex All eyes were on the Presidential debate yesterday, as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met in Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY for their First debate process.

Clinton won the first debate according to markets’ view

Following this event, markets declared Hillary Clinton a winner of the first Debate, as the chief investment at BMO Private Bank, Jack Ablin, stated:

“Early indications suggest Hillary won the debate; at least didn’t lose. Futures are higher and the peso is rallying.”

The US dollar was trading almost 1.8 percent weaker against Mexican Peso, but stronger against yen. The EURUSD appeared stable at nearly $1.125. The US stock index futures turned positive as the first presidential debate took place. Futures were trading high at the end of the debate session, where Dow futures gained almost 100 points.

The Dow Jones Industrial average closed beyond 150 points lower on Monday due to the debate concerns and the pressure on the financial market from the Deutsche Bank drop in shares. The Chief investment strategist at Baird, Bruce Bittles, commented on the debate matter:

“I think Hillary Clinton did pretty well. I think she was better prepared than Trump. Whether the debate will mean anything (remains) to be seen.”

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Major market issues such as drug pricing were not discussed during this particular presidential debate. Moreover, both Trump and Clinton agreed on the need of cybersecurity strengthening. Hillary Clinton highlighted the cyberterrorism issue, where her opponent stated that hacking was a “huge problem.”

The head global market strategist at Wells Fargo Investment Institute, Paul Christopher, believes that Hillary Clinton’s “direct references to supporting Arab allies against ISIS were also a strong statement that reiterated the current administration’s approach, although she did not offer much that was new.”

Anders Jaime, the global FX and rates strategist at Barclays, stated that if the markets believe she did well, then the polls should reflect that. He believes that in the financial sector, the market participants “can have an assessment she won.”

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