RBS Bourse FCA warning

25 April AtoZForex, Vilnius — Following the lead of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), today the Financial Conduct Authority issued a RBS Bourse FCA warning. Based on the discovery that the Binary Options broker has been falsely claiming to be a FCA regulated entity. Yet, the UK financial watchdog has denied this claim and reveals that the Binary Options broker is not FCA authorised to provide its investment services. Hence, regulator issued the RBS Bourse FCA warning.

RBS Bourse FCA warning details

The Binary Options broker operates through the website rbsbourse.com. RBS Bourse offers a numerous of account packages for trading Binary Options, with a minimum of capital requirement of €500. On the website of RBS Bourse, the Binary Options broker claims to be FCA licensed.

Moreover, the Binary Options broker claims to be related with RBS Asset Management (ACD) Ltd (FRN 437090), hence being regulated in the region of the UK. Based on these claims the FCA launched its investigation. Resultantly, the FCA rejected the claims of RBS Bourse. In fact, the UK financial watchdog stress that: “RBS Bourse has no affiliation or connection to RBS Asset Management (ACD) Limited.”

In order to protect the investors, the FCA has warned against any dealings with the Binary Options broker. For future dealings with any financial entity, investors are urged to check if the company is registered in the Financial Services Register. Also, the UK regulator has made the company details of RBS Bourse publicly, as derived from the official FCA statement:

Entity Name:RBS Bourse
Telephone:0182889382, 0176390063
AddressLondon EC2M 3UR, UK
Email:contact@rbsbourse.com, support@rbsbourse.com

Last month AMF RBS Bourse warning

A month ago, on the 26th of March the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) issued a similar RBS Bourse FCA warning. Back then not only did the AMF issue a warning on RBS Bourse. In fact the French financial regulator added 20 other Binary Options firms to its blacklist. All of the Binary Options brokers were found illicitly providing their investment services in the region with due authorization.

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