Rakuten competes and launches iSpeed app for Apple Watch

iSpeed app, Rakuten Securities Inc.X Japan, Apple watch, Rakuten Group, FXCM JapanNot so long ago, Rakuten Securities Inc. was placed at the center of attention, as the Japanese subsidiary of the Rakuten Group had publicly announced its plan to acquire the FXCM unit in Japan for an outstanding $62 million. Reportedly, this particular deal will be sealed by tomorrow, the 1st of April 2015. However, in todays announcement, Rakuten Securities Inc. has announced its latest product launch; namely the innovative iSpeed app for the Apple Watch.

Just half a month ago, IG Group Holdings plc also announced its trading app for the recently introduced Apple watch; “IG Apple Watch trading app”, which is about due for initiation in the upcoming month as well.

In the case of Rakuten Securities’ app, the iSpeed mobile application is entangled with the brokerage’s multi-asset trading platform; Marketspeed. According to the Japanese firm, the initial plan for the app is to support solely the trading in shares, an ability and application that already has been made available by the core apps of Apple Watch. Even so, the innovative Wearable does not have an application ready for the Forex market, making it an ideal platform and opportunity for financial entities to join commotion.

Evidently, Rakuten Securities will broaden its application on the long run, aside the initial kick off of trading in shares. It can be expected that the brokerage will support and make the trading available for various assets classes. At the moment the app will provide the end-users live news feed, receiving price alerts or shares, whilst allowing trades on shares. The app will notify the clients about “ In order to justify the current offering through iSpeed, Rakuten Securities has described the application as: “App for stock trading and investment information”.

Due to the inherent small screen, the end-users will not be able to read full news items or have the same ability and functions as on the Iphone or Ipad. Therefore, it is advised to always have another mobile device at hand for the most resourcefulness updates.

According to the press release of Rakuten Securities, will the iSpeed be fully optimal for the Apple Watch on the 24th of April 2015. For the innovators among us, it is possible to already download the app through Apple’s Itunes.

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