ProfitFarmers Primes App for Game-changing Trading Software

ProfitFarmers will launch a full-featured app at the end of October. The app is set to unlock even more benefits for the Binance-backed copy-trading platform’s members.

October 23, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Crypto-trading revolutionary ProfitFarmers is set to release a full-featured app at the end of October as it looks to offer easier access to a crypto-trading platform that has garnered high praise for its user-friendly interface and quick set-up process. The app will join an arsenal of sophisticated user tools, including Relative Strength Index and Price Action scanners.

A mobile-first commitment

“A ProfitFarmers membership is the equivalent of having an expert crypto trader at your side planning and executing high probability trades around the clock. The app is just another step in the ProfitFarmers revolution, as we work to refine our offering based on member feedback. The new platform will make trading even more convenient and user-friendly for our members,” says founder Matthew Tansley.

Available on Android devices, the app will allow users to access a comprehensive suite of functions, including the ability to see signals, create trades, view results, and receive notifications. It also promises further improvements to ProfitFarmers’ already highly rated user interface.

A system for the new normal

Cryptocurrency trading is challenging even for more experienced investors. The volatile market never closes, lacks legacy protocols, stokes emotions, and is abound with scam artists and fly-by-night operators. The ProfitFarmers copy-trading system, which produces high-probability trades determined by millions of data points using powerful algorithms and expertise, does more than merely demystify the trading process. 

A semi-automated system, it allows traders to customize and adapt its trading signals at any point. It mitigates risk by enforcing discipline and implementing stop-loss barriers. And ProfitFarmers operates on a subscription model, with no commissions, and is transparent about its business.

The results from September? 

78% of their signals hit target 1 (out of 4 possible take profit targets), making an average peak gain of +6.01%. What’s even more impressive is that 61% of the signals hit at least target 2, making an average peak gain of +8.5%. You can read the full results breakdown here.

“As a team at the forefront of crypto signal copy-trading, ProfitFarmers is altering the way traders interact with the market in a way never before seen. We are helping novice and experienced traders around the world realize profits with a minimum of fuss and the addition of our new app allows for a seamless experience. We are also looking forward to fully automating our futures and margin signals later this year, removing yet another manual process within the world of trading” says Tansley.

About ProfitFarmers

Founded in November 2018 by crypto-pioneer Matthew Tansley, ProfitFarmers aims to make hassle-free, profitable trading accessible to the layperson, eliminating the need for a costly trial-and-error building of expertise or constant monitoring of markets. The European Union-based firm's revolutionary copy-trading platform is integrated with leading crypto exchange Binance and operates on a zero-commission structure, with members “farming” profits (pun intended) in all four corners of the globe.

To find out more about the ProfitFarmers app, copy-trading platform, all-important trading results, and upcoming features, visit ProfitFarmers here. You can also sign up for an in-depth webinar, access Bitcoin guides, and take advantage of industry insights entirely for free by clicking on the button below. Keep up with the latest ProfitFarmers developments and talk trading on Facebook @ProfitFarmersofficial, Twitter @ProfitFarmers, and Instagram @profitfarmers.

ProfitFarmers is the co-pilot no crypto-trader serious about earning real profits should do without.


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