Playrs ICO Review: Football Player Valuations for the public

Don't be longer sidelined as a fan, but become part of the valuation of your favourite footbaIl player. How? In our Playrs ICO Review, we will explain you the concept behind Playrs. We take a closer look at the key benefits of their PLAY token and how it plans to bring price transparency to the market. Last but not least, from the investors' perspective, we will also discuss the main methodologies that Playrs ICO utilizes in its project.

18 June, AtoZ Markets Modern sports industry is one of the most successful and profitable sectors in the world. In fact, sports field is quite sophisticated. Nevertheless, this industry is also lacking fan interaction and engagement in the value of players. 

Playrs ICO Review

That’s where Playrs comes into the picture – one of the most promising initial coin offerings that decided to act on the issue. Playrs is aiming to establish a new standard in player analysis methodologies. With the introduction of the innovative analysis system, Playrs puts analysis tools to a fingertips of its users. The company focuses its efforts on providing a unique an effective approach for analyzing every segment of the football industry. 

With Playrs, fans will no longer be just viewers, as they will be able to share their opinion and contribute to the valuation process of football players. 

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The team also has come up with so-called “Playrs Index.” It looks into creating a real-life price valuation based on the following four indicators. 

What are the benefits of Playrs ICO?

Playrs ICO brings price transparency to the market. The value of each player will be derived from the Playrs Index. 

The project also will contribute to Blockchain development since it is utilizing the nascent technology to provide Playrs community with an opportunity to share their opinion with the public.

Moreover, Playrs ICO offers real-time valuation to the community. The project would provide real-time analysis of football players’ information sheets. Also, it would from an accurate player valuation system in real time thanks to its sophisticated price discovery algorithms. 

How does Playrs work?

The use of smart Blockchain technology allows Playrs system to create an open-source player valuation pool. Playrs’ contributors will be able to share data about various players. The ultimate goal here is to establish a global standard which is decentralized and transparent. 

PLAY token

PLAY token is a cryptocurrency that is based on ERC-20 protocol. The token is the key fuel behind the community engagement in real-time valuation process of players. The activity on the Blockchain relies on PLAY tokens – everything from voting to real-time play calling during the game. 

It is possible to get PLAY tokens by watching the game, calling plays, giving their input on player’s progress and more.

Playrs ICO details 

Pre-ICO period 7 May - 3 June

ICO period 11 June (World Cup in Russia) - 22 July

100,000,000 PLAY for sale during pre-ICO and ICO period 1 PLAY = 1 USD 

Bonus structure 

Pre-ICO: 35% 

ICO period (42 days) - Day 1: 25%; Day 2: 24%; and - 1% every day until the end of the ICO period

Playrs project team

David Blum – Director 

Mr. Blum as an extensive experience as a management consultant, project manager, and organizational process analyst.

Dr. Pauline Guhmann – Relation team and advisor

Dr. Pauline Guhmann has spent 6 years working as a researcher in biology, including 3 years in London. Yet, she chose to dedicate herself to the world of Blockchain. 

Jean Fages – Blockchain developer

Jean Fages is a software engineer with more than 18 years of experience in multiple aspect of development.

Herman Josovah – Blockchain Developer

David Schumann – Sport Community

Ronnie Jaegerman – Investor Relation

Dimitris Bourpolas – Football Data Scientist

Demetris Papadopoulos – Cloud consultant

George Georgiou – AI and Big Data Developer

Angelos Gregorios - CTO

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