Peculium Launches Smart Investment Solution Platform

Indeed Peculium originates from the word « pecul » (Latin), which literally translates to “a sum of money saved for the future”.

Peculium is offering the first platform that combines traditional savings and investment based on the power of the distributed ledger: blockchain coupled with cryptocurrency, and Artificial intelligence (AI). Peculium allows you to save and grow your money in a smart, safe and in the most transparent way.

Peculium Introduces First Smart Investment Solution

Peculium differentiates itself from the normal hedge-fund investment management by introducing the first smart investment solution. On our platform, there are no humans managing the electronic wallets containing our savers’ assets! Which brings us to a key component of Peculium, the Automatic Machine Learning AI called AIEVE.

“Data has become the first asset of a company and by extension will become the first asset of an individual,”

said Peculium’s Founder & CEO, Rashid Oukhai. 

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What Does AIEVE Do?

AIEVE - the engine and heart of our products - has the ability to analyze huge data sets collected from all over the World Wide Web (OpenData, DataBases, Cloud, Social Networks, and Blockchain, Exchanges, Archives, and many more sources) to offer a precisely accurate and unemotional prediction and decision.

By piloting or assist the electronic wallets (or their holders), AIEVE gives directions with the best possible positions in the cryptocurrency markets while always prioritizing the safety of their savings.

Initially, AIEVE was launched to understand the market by collecting information, integrating its specifications and allocating them for the next products.

AskEve – AIEVE's Latest Version

Then comes, AskEve the first launched product that has witnessed multiple enhancement until the latest version 5.0, which came with better forecast predictions for the 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes!

Since the 8th of September, the next product "BeliEve" even still in an early stage of development, is managing a given contest-portfolio. And while many projects still need to rely on trust, everybody can witness history and follow the trades AIEVE is performing live and find all previous trades in the Binance- order book. You can read here more details about the BeliEve project. New users can sign up for our services on

PCL token, the utility token of Peculium, is the only asset that will give access to our products, now available on multiple exchanges: HITBTC (BTC), HITBTC (ETH), IDEX (ETH), Next-Exchange, Radar Relay, Etherdelta, Forkdelta, DDEx, Token Jar.

The Journey So Far

We have come across this journey together, after a successful ICO in which we have raised €8.1M. We launched our CCO by the end of January 2018, which ended with the last phase of July after pausing and relaunched as “ICO” on 27th August.

In this last sales-period, we managed to raise capital even though it was running during a bearish market. Now the total supply is fixed, with a working product as well as more products in development.

We, at Peculium, are very optimistic to receive a valuable perception from the major exchanges and, of course, are even more motivated than ever. A bright future lies ahead of us, and we aim to provide everyone with more profitable, transparent and accessible savings. 

The peculium’ s team are pleased to keep you updated! For our next steps and launched products stay tuned for further announcements and details!

About Peculium

PECULIUM is the first savings management platform exclusively based on cryptocurrency trading. PECULIUM is a revolutionary savings platform that seamlessly integrates the power of AML-AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to forecast the cryptocurrency market movements

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