Peculium CDO: AI will Change the Future of Trading

France based ICO Peculium has raised 8.1 Million EUR and already built its AIEVE platform that is backed by AI and Big-Data. The savings and investment service of Peculium for Investors, could disrupt the current way of trading cryptos. AtoZMarkets' team had a chance to test the platform and interview the Chief Data Officer of Peculium, Abed Ajraou, about AIEVE. Can AIEVE revolutionise trading of cryptocurrency, as we know it? Here is what you need to know about the ICO and the platform the company is working on. 

About the Peculium ICO

The company, Peculium launched through its ICO the platform “AIEVE”, which is the first savings management and investment platform that uses artificial intelligence, big data and natural language processing. The word Peculium originated from the Latin word “pecul” which means “a sum of money saved for the future.”

Peculium published the first version of its whitepaper in Q3 2017. The company finished its PREICO sale in January 2018 with 8.1 Million EUR funds being raised. The ICO went live with the price of 1PCL = 0.005 EUR, based on the Ethereum smart contract. Moreover, the ICO accepts EUR, USD, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash to participate in the token sale. Peculium has set its soft cap at 7,000,000 EUR and the hard cap at 20,000,000 EUR. Meanwhile, the final ICO sale is going to end on the 27th of September, 2018.

Additionally, their plan is to gather funds from CCO (Continued Coin Offering) which is the second Token generation event. Following the ICO and the objective here is to raise €100 Million by selling PCL tokens to corporates and funds to complete the development of Peculium’s products, such as supercomputing, data processing, and to form the Solidus guarantee fund. For more information about the ICO, you can check how AtoZMarkets' rated Peculium ICO project.

The Next-Gen Automated Trading Product - AIEVE

Peculium offers a savings management and investment platform that is built on AIEVE. The product AIEVE has been derived from the two words: “AI” stands for Artificial Intelligence, whilst “EVE” means Ethics, Value and Equilibrium. The platform developed by the team benefits crypto-traders to make decisions based on live predictions.  This product was developed using AI and ML technology, whilst it is supported by big data. The solution learns from past experiences and mistakes. Thus, AIEVE can increase the accuracy of its crypto forecasts on the short-term time frame.

According to their website, in the first 17 days, the platform won 372 trades and lost 6 trades, thus, made a total profit of $554.25. In 2019, the team plans to install the HPC Super Computer (Qutezal), in order to increase the accuracy and precision of AIEVE's crypto price predictions.

Interview - Is the Future of Trading Here with AIEVE?

To gain more insights on AIEVE and how it could impact the future of trading, AtoZMarkets interviewed Abed Ajraou- Chief Data Officer of Peculium, and came up with the following dialogue. 

Interviewed by Team. 

-What added value does AIEVE bring to end-consumer?

Abed Ajraou- “AIEVE is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine of Peculium, and is the first savings platform governed by AI in the block chain and crypto-currency.

AIEVE already delivered AskEve which gives the prediction of the trends of 14 majors crypto currency and helps crypto-traders to make better value of their portfolio, it is also building BeliEve version as well, which completes the management of your money and allow the end-consumer to get a better value of their spare money.

Actually, the first version of BeliEve is already live and we projected that AIEVE will make 10% increase of the portfolio in a month, so AIEVE could more than double your money in a year.”

-Do you think automated predictions based on AI, ML, Big Data, NLP, etc. will change the traditional way of trading in future?

Abed Ajraou-“The cryptocurrency market is volatile and the rumours of the news are also important. Since it can impact the trends of the prices significantly.

This market never stops, and works 24/7. For this reason, only a very good AI could trade efficiently at any time.

Traders are using graphs analysis, but it is not enough to grasp the entire cryptocurrency market. Another factor that plays a role is that the cryptocurrency market is not regulated, and the news being spread cause more volatility. We saw lots of traders using the same technic as in the common market. In the stock market the graphs analysis are performing quite well, because everyone is using the same technique. However, the crypto-market is not the same and for instance Fibonacci signals are useless. 

A trader in cryptocurrency has a win rate of 0.4, that means in average a trader win 4 trades of 10. For this reason, a trader is every time looking for a big win to compensate the losing trades. AIEVE has access to all the data instantly and uses AI to forecast the short-term market movements. Due to its advanced technology, we have seen AIEVE to perform with a win rate of 0.98. This means that AIEVE is only losing 2 trades over 100. AIEVE applies very short-term trades as the model is very accurate (mape of 0.5% in average). Hence, I believe that AI can definitely change the future of trading. Now that AIEVE is active, the technology is already challenging human traders. So the future of trading is on the brink of revolution."

-What changes can the user expect after installing HPC super computer in 2019?

Abed Ajraou-“Using a very high-processing computer will allow us to scale more in 2019. Basically, it will allow us to run more funds in real time with fewer servers. That means the operational workload will be less and we can scale more in 2019.”

-How will AIEVE predict the cryptocurrency price if suddenly some negative or positive news strike the market?

Abed Ajraou-“AIEVE is using the state of art of NLP sentiment analysis.

Through analysis, and means like Twitter, in addition to cryptocurrency news, we can understand most of the time how the trends move in the market in the short term. 

If we look at the early version of BeliEve, we can easily understand how the AI is very accurate. The average accuracy at 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes is currently at 99.5% (which means the MAPE is 0.5%). 

Also, we are currently collaborating with a very strong university to gather our efforts to try to approach the end-user based on the rumours being spread, which will allow us to have a deeper understanding and analysis of the market movement.

More news will come when this joined effort will be official.”

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